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Not Reading but Drowning. Big Data, Wordhoard. Scalable reading and human intelligent understanding. #Xanadocs #Alexandria #HypathiasEyebrowser @TheTedNelson @kramermj @DrAdrianBlau @JillanaEnteen @TheAtlantic @enkiv2

Getting undergraduates and amateurs into the business of re-editing our cultural heritage for a digital world
This is a fantastic piece of exhilarating prescience.
Would you mind if I reblogged it on my Grub Street Journal Blog,
I found word-hoard today and got it working on my Linux machine with the Java bells and whistles sounding their disapproval,(
I am working on an In-browser publishing platform for Multi-Media Grey Space Jockeys, What does one call them. I loved your point on the orality of Homer. Exegesis’ of religious texts would do well to remember the same.
There is a lot on my Blog about #GrubStreetJournal and #HypatiasEyeBrowser also Ted Nelsons Xanadu,
I left a comment on Blau Blog the other day, I am considerably more excited about what I have just read here.
Best wishes,
Roger G Lewis

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