Your liberty and freedom come from Magna Carta not the EU @Wiki_Ballot @GrubStreetJorno

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In the UK an individual has rights laid down since Magna Carta.
This is particularly important when a crime is committed or suspected of being committed. As under the rights laid down from Magna Carta onwards, someone in the UK is deemed innocent until proven guilty. If you are accused of a crime, the onus is on the State to prove your guilt.
The writ of Habeus Corpus prevents the State from imprisoning you without evidence of a crime.
Under the European legal system, they never had a Magna Carta of their own and as such they work under a different assumption than we do, in that you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence.
Thus, the State has the legal authority to imprison you whilst they find the evidence and formulate the case to convict you. The onus is on you to prove your innocence as there is…

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Unfair? Unkind?… I don’t think so @JoeBlob20 @bill1303 @financialeyes @Wiki_Ballot @GrubStreetJorno @GrubStreetJournal @MarkGBblog


 People have said I am unkind to tar all members of parliament with the same brush when I call them Liars, Murderers and Thieves. That it is unfair to some hard working MPs, who do their best for their constituents.

I say, show me one, give me the name of one, who does not put themselves before their constituents, who does not put their party before their constituents. Show me one who has not gained at least one extra home, paid for by the taxpayer. Show me one who does not claim the maximum weekly expenses for paperwork, stamps, office equipment, heating, lighting, lunches etc. for their constituency offices.

I think I’m justified in calling all of them Liars, Murderers and Thieves.

I don’t know how true the tweet below is but it wouldn’t surprise me; what with the expenses thieving that came to light in 2009, cash for questions…

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