Blah Blah general Ipsum ad nauseum shpreical dangly #IABATO Let’s get the party Started, too many doers movers and shakers slowed down by the Knockers, Haters and whingers. #LoftMiles #PlacemakingBasics Look out for our Analysis of This Awesome scheme from Docklands Pioneer @RichardDesmond @emptyhomes @RobertJenrick @BorisJohnson @MayorJohnBiggs @SadiqKhan @prwhittle @JoeBlob20 @JudithCummins Westferry Printworks @WestferryE14

It doesn't get much better than this Lets get bums of seats stop with the cork sniffing, knocking, whingeing & hair splitting @RichardDesmond gets things

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