CRASH2: spooked financial markets,over-borrowed banks, and IPO bubbles at bursting point. #GrubStreetJournal #Wiki_Ballot @Wiki_Ballot


Fed Balance Sheet in context.
A billion here a trillion there and soon we will be talking real money?

Regarding Money and Debt the two are axiomatic in the current system money is debt

I think it was JP Morgan who sail Competition is a sin, the concentration of wealth and scotching of enterprise is a design and not a design fault. It is by design as is the planned obsolescence to wit this documentary is well worth watching.

The Slog

DSCN0256 When an econo-financial world based on never-ending credit meets the reality of suspicion about inability to repay debt, all bets are off. Last week saw the end of the beginning of a crisis of liquidity in credit-driven capitalism in the United States. This week, more information is available to confirm our fears. As we head towards the tidying of balance sheets at the year-end, more tartan paint salesmen are about to become IPOs on already squeamish markets. The signs are not good.


Earlier last week, The Slog ran this story about the New York Federal Reserve bailing out a liquidity-short bank (to the tune of $35bn) under its remit last Monday. The MSM around the World completely ignored the story, although several online sites soon had it. I read the Wall Street on Parade story within an hour of being tipped off by an NYC contact, so they…

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