#155. The art of dark sky thinking. Climate Religion Cultists and Hysterics. Cool it, Bjorn Lomberg from 2009, Ten years on And still they wet the bed! #GrubStreetJournal




This is a great film full film on Bitchute. link above.



The Lomborg Deception
In 2010, Howard Friel wrote The Lomborg Deception, a book-length critique of Cool It, which traces Lomborg’s many references and tests their authority and substance. Friel has said he found “misrepresentation of academic research, misquotation of data, reliance on studies irrelevant to the author’s claims and citation of sources that seem not to exist”.[5]

“ Friel’s conclusion, as per his book’s title, is that Lomborg is “a performance artist disguised as an academic.”
I don’t want to be as trusting as the reviewers who praised Lomborg’s scholarship without (it seems) bothering to check his references, so rather than taking Friel at his word just as they took Lomborg at his, I’ve done my best to do that checking. Although Friel engages in some bothersome overkill, overall his analysis is compelling.

— Sharon Begley, Newsweek[6][7]
According to Lomborg, Friel’s book appears to be aimed primarily at the popular version of Cool It as opposed to the longer more thoroughly cited edition.[8]

The political backlash to Lombergs excellent Book is repeated by the experiences of Roger Pelke Junior and Judy Curry.

The extent of exaggeration and sheer aggressive bile aimed at Deniers is wholly up to the standards of the Salem Witch Hunts and the Spanish Inquisition, equally farcical and full of comedic potential as well I might add.

Clive Spashes Work is also well worth looking at and it was nice to see a long article of his on Wrong Kind of Green the other week.

The requirement for Growth in Financiaqlised Capitalism is due to Interest (Usury) and the way Money is created and what metrics it is assayed by are very important the work of Kreutz in the money Syndrome and of the late Magrit Kennedy is essential to understanding this point.
My Dialogue with Clive Lord a Founding Member of the Green Party of England and Wales on Money, Usury and CItizens Basic Income.



An Exchange with the Climate Church of Armageddon continues.


    this is addressed to Great Don, I am re-addressing it to you. Do bear in mind you are old enough to know better poor young Greta is being lead astray by older folk just like you who really should know better.

  • rogerlewis: You’ve got chutzpah posting that video of denier propaganda. I stopped watching at 1:20 when “The Heartland Institutute” quoting Richard Lindzen showed up. Seriously?

  • louploup2 Your religious rhetoric is quite telling. On AGW CO2 Hypothesis it is falsified, a busted flush, a hackneyed old meme from eugenicist maniacs, cooked up by an anti-human misanthropic group of megalomaniac psychopaths. In your eyes that maybe makes me a denier. The word denier is to me obnoxious and smacks of the hard of thinking nonsense spouted by Climate religion fanatics. Glad we cleared that up.

  • I’m curious; why do you follow and spend time commenting on ‘surplus energy economics’? Tim Morgan’s work represents a similar approach to reality that you seem incapable of with respect to climate science—critical thinking. Another aspect of Dr. Morgan’s work that I suspect you are oblivious to is the application of the laws of thermodynamics to analyses of energy and economic systems. These come into focus around the closely interrelated ecological and economic crises, which linked by energy use. This post (# 155) as well #27 and #73 touch on the significance of thermodynamics in that regard.

    As is typical with climate deniers, when called out you have nothing coherent to say, retreating to name calling. Conclusion: Now I know how much weight to give your comments critiquing others.

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  • @Loup I have been reading Tims blog for quite a few years I am a keen scholar on Monetary reform and share the criticisms of Frederick Soddy as relates to usury and money creation. Soddy, you will know was a Nobel prize-winning Chemist.
    I understand the science perfectly well and what’s more Loup I am an expert on FFT analysis and as such understand the climate models as well as most Climat physicists, most of the bed wetting climate advocates failed long division in high school. That’s the real problem I have a mathematics-based analytical degree designate BSc, I am a Chartered surveyor by profession but have not practised since I sold a company and retired when I was in my late 30’s I am now in my mid 50’s.
    When I say the AGW CO2 Hypothesis is falsified I use those words in the sense of scientific falsification ( Popper). So, Loup, you see it is possible to agree on some things with other people for different reasons I admire Tims’s work and see Seeds as an excellent tool heading towards the implementation of Wes Freeberg’s Quanta Big apple plan. I have also played with Garvin Boyle models from Orrery Software and enjoyed a correspondence with him,



    It’s difficult to know where to start as your comment is actually breathtakingly superficial, suffice to say I have been studying this area of political economy and science seriously for over 10 years full time. My Blog sets out what I have been up to and exactly who I am. WHo you are and how seriously and deeply you have delved into Energy Economics is not known to me.
    I hope that helps-.


Surplus Energy Economics


One of the clichés much loved by business leaders and others is “blue sky thinking”. An implication of this term, it seems to me, is that there’s an infinity of possibility. Although the mainstream press has, in the past, dubbed me “Dr Gloom” and “Terrifying Tim”, I don’t discount the concept of infinite possibility. I’m an incurable optimist – when I’m not looking at the economic outlook, anyway.

However positive you are, though, if you set out on a lengthy expedition, it’s as well to take some wet weather clothing with you, because blue skies can turn dark grey pretty quickly. ‘Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst’ seems a pretty prudent way to think.

Before we address some of the financial, economic and broader issues which might darken our skies, I’d like to draw your attention to an important…

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What ‘The Boy Business’ video tells us about the likely outcome of the UK’s child sexual abuse inquiry (video)

Playland 1970-1975: When protecting ‘millionaires titled and influential’ paedophile punters becomes paramount.@MrTardigradeUK @2013Boodicca @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 @RealM_Shrimpton @Albion_Rover #GrubStreetJournal #GrubStreetSamizdat #GrubStreetDissidentContent

I Am Incorrigible

First broadcast in 1997, this Granada TV documentary examined allegations made by a man named only as ‘Edward’, that videos have been made in Amsterdam in which young boys are sexually abused, tortured and killed, and that convicted paedophile, Warwick Spinks, was one of a number of British men involved in making and distributing them.
bjorn tape still text-vert and notes
The Granada investigation covered the original manhunt for the makers of the notorious “Bjorn Tape” and traced the story of Peter Howells, the former manager of Bovver Boots Casting Agency. Howells also operated from Amsterdam and the agency was used as a cover for the production of obscene photographs with several survivors’ recounting being sent as children by the agency to be photographed and were then manipulated into posing for sexualised images that were later widely distributed to international paedophile networks.
© Granada TV
Although not included in The Boy Business account, it was…

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