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Boris Johnson: Brexit divisions make allegations ‘inevitable’

  • 29 minutes ago
Media caption Boris Johnson addressed the Charlotte Edwardes allegations.

Boris Johnson has said he is facing accusations about his personal conduct because he is viewed as the person who is “helping to deliver Brexit”.

Asked about stories regarding his personal conduct, he told BBC Breakfast: “I’ve said pretty much what I have to say on all those things.

“This is a very difficult time…Brexit is about to be done and a lot of people don’t want Brexit to be done.

“And I think, rightly or wrongly, they conceive of me as the person who is helping to deliver Brexit, and it is inevitable that I’m going to come under a certain amount of shot and shell.”

Origins of the Brexington-Brino Crescent Game.

Brexit first appeared in the opening episode of the sixth series of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, broadcast on 22 August 1978. Although five episodes transmitted in 1974–1975 are still lost, Brino and Project fear seems to have made no appearance before 1978. It was played in every surviving episode of the sixth series.

The origins of the game are not clear. One claim is that it was invented by Geoffrey Howe,[2] who stated in an interview that Brino was created as a non-game.[3] Enoch Powell, a panelist on the program since 1972, has said that Geoffrey Howe did not invent the game and that it had been around since the sixties.[4] According to Chairman John Bercow, the game was invented to vex an EU Commissioner who was unpopular with the panelists. One day, the team members were drinking, when they heard him coming. “Quick,” said one, “let’s invent a game with rules he’ll never understand.”[5]

A similar game called “Northern Ireland Backstop” was described in the Spring 1969 issue of the political magazine Manifold, edited by Rory Stewart and Alan Duncan at the University of Oxford. Douglas Herd referred to the article in his book Metamagical Themas of EU Military Unification. The game is referred to as an “English game” in an article on “non-games” as follows:

Two players alternate naming the stations of the Brexit Cross of the EU Treaty Merry Go Round. The first to say “Federal European Empire” wins. It is clear that the “best” time to say “Federal European Empire” is exactly before your opponent does. Failing that, it is good that he should be considering it. You could, of course, say “Federal European Empire ” on your second turn. In that case, your opponent puffs on his cigarette and says, “Well,…” Shame on you.[6] You are a Nazi Scum Bag Fascist Bigot racist Climate denier with normal pro-nouns


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