Brexit’s 6 Ws and how the wealthy British elite always gets what it wants! #GrubStreetJournal @Wiki_Ballot

Revisiting after 6 months. & Part 2 Notes

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I do think Tax avoidance comes into it but it is related to the wider issue of Money Laundering, the Panama Papers, and The Military-Industrial Complex.
Jo COx’s Murder is relevant to this question also.

The Military Industrial Complex and Brexit. A hypothesis. #EUMilitaryUnification #Brexit #Brino #JoCox #AnnaLindh #OlofPalme #TINA

Taxation and Government spending is weakly related at best ( Ruml) where there is a Sovereign currency issuer. This is at its heart tied to Monetary Sovereignty rather than Rich Donors supporting in or out. It’s about Money creation hegemony.

Trump Netenyahu, Plan For Greater Israel. Press Conference.Feb 15, 2017. Its the Petro Dollar stupid.


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