OPINION: the British Establishment has lost all interest in our independence. @ONEUKBA @Wiki_Ballot @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @DavidGolemXIV

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Strawberry Fields forever.

Tactical Voting on a primary basis is the way forward. Setting up the primary voting app for primaries in each constituency is a trivial matter I started creating such an app on one blockchain the other day, there are several and people can choose what system to apply.
as they wish.


Personal P2 P end to end encryption is the story of the foundation of the internet getting away from the idea of needing a party or a movement is not the way to get citizens back as sovereign, that said leveraging such party structures which can be on-boarded at their local level is clearly a sensible goal in any strategy.

Looking at the One Uk site I can see how the WikiBallot site is not very user-friendly or intuitive, I have been very busy with my other projects and have not been able to spend the time required to make WikiBallot functional, I have though done enough so that mobilising it would be easily enough achieved by putting my shoulder to the wheel as needs must.


This Carswell Starkey DIscussion is very much worth watching.

John, you could not have over the past few months put it on a Bumper Sticker any more clearly.

If anyone reads this far see my Browsers the new Black post


and consider the Gab and Dissenter Browsers etc.
This Tweet holds a huge amount of insight into how the web divides and rules start using the web as a secure comms device and not as a computer game.


Social Networks have been all the rage years ago when they reached their peak and destroyed a couple democracies around the world (including mine) but this is not a text about that. The lens I want to use for us to observe social networks is the content creation and manipulation lens, so grab your lens and follow me through some underexplained reasoning.

  • Social Networks try to present a minimal UI, just enough so that the core features are usable. They are target at common, easy idioms that foster passive engagement in the form of content consumption and sharing. Content sharing is not the same as creation or manipulation, you’re supposed to bring content from outside.
  • Social Networks have been optimized for mobile-first UIs which provide a better experience in detriment of a more powerful and flexible experience.
  • Social Networks prioritize artificial rituals such as liking which gives the trappings of interactivity without generating new content (while also helping fine tune their profiling and tracking data for advertisement purposes). In essence they are metric factories where most features are present to provide measurable forms of engagement to feed ML powered advertising engines. The content sharing is just the fuel used to burn through these metric rituals.








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