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At Stack Exchange, one of the tricky things we learned about Q&A is that if your goal is to have an excellent signal to noise ratio, you must suppress discussion. Stack Exchange only supports the absolute minimum amount of discussion necessary to produce great questions and great answers. That’s why answers get constantly re-ordered by votes, that’s why comments have limited formatting and length and only a few display, and so forth. Almost every design decision we made was informed by our desire to push discussion down, to inhibit it in every way we could. Spare us the long-winded diatribe, just answer the damn question already.

After spending four solid years thinking of discussion as the established corrupt empire, and Stack Exchange as the scrappy rebel alliance, I began to wonder – what would it feel like to change sides? What if I became a champion of random, arbitrary discussion, of the very kind that I’d spent four years designing against and constantly lecturing users on the evil of?





Mon, Jan 28, 11:01 PM 2018.

Hi David,

When we talked earlier I mentioned Google’s AI, its called Duplex.

This Video I saw as an introduction

I also mentioned James Corbett
I mentioned James show notes every episode has full notes to links etc.
All the best


Curating and Artefacts, meeting of Minds on AI’s and other inductive abstractions.

A few things occurred as I watched them,

This from Stafford Beer

Feed Back is Ubiquitous.

And this

The Frequency and Time domain.

Fourier Analysis is key to understanding or modeling complexity as if Finite element analysis,


Its a question of Connections which are made or what are called edge cases in programming David,
Our sentience gives us edge cases which lead us to jump outside of the box, the thing of it is that accepting the unknowable is what makes us potentially intelligent
machine-learning or artificial intelligence is pretty much insane by definition in my opinion.
Emergence is the thing!

at 54 minutes is the Beer anecdote I told you about on gut feeling and wicked problems
Stafford Beer explains to a group of students his relationship with Cybernetics, the Science of Control and Communications in the animal and the machine.

Ross Ashby


Got the details a bit wrong but the punchline regarding gut feeling.
“Follow a hunch” and if you don’t have a hunch toss a coin, the only rational thing to do.
worth watching the full thing.
one last one on Euler’s number.


Wolfram Alpha is a computational engine I like Stephen Wolfram



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