Eulers Number, Eric Dollard Nicola Tesla, and Maxwell, The Exponential, the spiral, and the humble Right Angle. #GrubStreetJournal @Wiki_Ballot



This is a Three and a half-hour lecture I have probably watched it in full 5 times, as I have a photographic memory it is unusual for me to read or watch anything more than twice.

Why this Eric Dollard lecture is so important is that it makes two very important points about Magnetic Fields and Electric Currents.
The first is that Electricity does not flow through or within a copper wire or whatever material it is conducted “((Through(sic), Around))” conductor, it flows or propagates around them bounded by the insulator field, the other is that an electric current always flows precisely at right angles to the field
This bit.
“The Forgotten part of Maxwell’s Work
concerns two types of waves one
is transverse okay a transverse wave is
like waves on the surface of the ocean
okay there has to be a boundary and the
motion of the matter or the ether or
whatever deal you’re dealing with
there’s always at right angles to where
the wave is going okay ”

Dollard’s story is a remarkable one this lecture represents his life’s work in putting together the fragments of Nicola Tesla’s work.

The above Empirical fact regarding electromagnetism explains I would submit this. That is Eulers Number.

On Dons Point above about Homeostasis, for the same reasons that Dollards revelations regarding ELectricity and Teslas Discoveries are dangerous to vested interests so it is with Micrro Fages.
And the story of GC Maff.

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