The New World Order Paradigm Shift. #GrubStreetJournal #HypatiasEyebrowser #ConquestofDough The End of Debt or the End of Democracy?

3. Man-Made Global Warming

4. Overshoot Overpopulation
5. Elitism, Starfucking worship of ”The Elites**


Chapter 3—Europe’s Shift to the Twentieth Century.
While Europe’s traits were diffusing outward to the non-European world, Europe was
also undergoing profound changes and facing difficult choices at home. These choices
were associated with drastic changes, in some cases we might say reversals, of Europe’s
point of view. These changes may be examined under eight headings. The nineteenth
century was marked by
(1) belief in the innate goodness of man;
(2) secularism;
(3) belief in progress;
(4) liberalism;
(5) capitalism;
(6) faith in science;
(7) democracy;
(8) nationalism. In general, these eight factors went along together in the nineteenth century.
They were generally regarded as being compatible with one another; the friends of one
were generally the friends of the others; the enemies of one were generally the
enemies of the rest.
Metternich and De Maistre were generally opposed to all eight;
Thomas Jefferson and John Stuart Mill were generally in favor of all eight..
the idea before it was clothed in words
heard in minds, as uttered thought
the communication of arranged ideas
Thoughts lifting mist from the poet´s page.
To set the stage, not in the round
but, to see the scene in the sphere
Which actors will the playwright lay
on the page´s narrative to steer.
Which course to meet
who to set upon the bridge
For strength of Bulls Wall Street
of Bears & onion domes upon our chart
A heroes pride found in Britannia’s isles
Monks ´´sans humilite´´ fane ease
Like Pope we find our actors
´´All, all alike, find reason on their side´´
mais par impatience de souffrir
On the present discontents, Burke opined
Putin ,Trump and Farage set courses un-entangled
Junker , Merkel, Call for straight ahead.
Few are the partisans of departed tyranny
of Globalism or Nationalism which be the tyrant?
Yet passions are deceiving someone,
so near 50 years behindhand a hero fell.
“On this day, the day of March
in my opinion´´, is the end of the
United States of America
as the land of the free
and the home of the brave.”
Eliza with Rogerian inscrutability
hears the confession of the mal-contents
A mirror held up before cosmetic application
Globalisation and Internationalism confused
despotism´s nature is to abhor any say
save that of its own momentary pleasure;
it annihilates all intermediate situations
between boundless strength on its own part,
and total debility on the part of the people.
Our education can be Our? our, government.
Our reason can be our Judge, of the rivals;

Globalism, Authority, coercion and competition.
or Nationalism, Internationalism, Cooperation.
Are we to have free will and democracy
Will we have determined authority
A struggle of ideals an ancient quarrel

Parmenides or Heraclitus navigators both

If centuries be epochs with peculiar discretion

19th, 20th, 21st a behind hand review
19th innate goodness of man, nationalism
20th Fallen man Calvinist rule, Globalism.
For the 21st partisans for patronage


REVEALED: How Hammond the hypocrite gave away an NHS budget to help save his Brussels cronies

“How great a man is he that he would lay down his country for his life?”


In this talk Noam Chomsky examines something of the purpose of the original or Origination of the American Constitution, a study of the Federalist papers and a good dose of Thomas Paine should lead one to an appreciation of the various interests that were considered back in 1777.

Going back further to Magna Carta and considering its purposes I was reminded the other day of the Charter of the forests, this was an interesting realisation which Michael Portillo examined in his series History we forgot to remember. The Charter of the forests was much more important to the mass of common men than Magna Carta.

Consider then again the Concepts of Primitive Accumulation and its modern analogue coercive aggregation. And the questions of Value in USE and Value in Exchange and further into the Labour Theory of Value.

The myths , fetishisms and the reification all lead to the necessary and efficient bamboozlement of those who do the work by those who would rule them our propensity to buy into the myths are I think tied up in our EGO´s, always remembering that Ego is our outward expression of how we would wish to be seen by others.

Put simply just from my own experience I believed in democracy until I realised that I had now become superfluous to its purpose in driving through the agenda of those for who a sort of democracy exists ( Chomsky calls it Polyarchy). That is not to say I ever counted what was important was that I thought I did and that view is what the myths encourage.When we believe in the myths we are afforded the roles of Trustees very much like in any prison population where there are Trustees and Snitches or indeed the Uncle Toms of Slavery.

The Money myth , the myth of prudence, savings, the Protestant work ethic and catholic guilt the semiotic manipulations that lead us to hark back to a golden age of democracy that never existed. The unquestioned assumptions such as that Capitalism would be fine if the money were clean.

Consider Ruskins signs attached to


Balkanization , demotion to 3rd world status for the large part of 1st world populations. In the new premier league of shiny Globalization make no mistake were all headed for the Nigerian Credit card system, the food stamps credit card system. We are not witnessing the end of democracy just the admission that it never existed and that what we once thought of as our money has in fact only been a stealthy form of Scrip.

Democracy and the State.

bachunin dictatorship

´´The Obeidience of fools and the guidance of wise men ´´ Oscar Wilde.
Emilio, Bachunin predicted that ;
”They [the Marxists] maintain that only a dictatorship—their dictatorship, of course—can create the will of the people, while our answer to this is: No dictatorship can have any other aim but that of self-perpetuation, and it can beget only slavery in the people tolerating it; freedom can be created only by freedom, that is, by a universal rebellion on the part of the people and free organization of the toiling masses from the bottom up.´´
—Mikhail Bakunin, Statism and Anarchism[36

Your top 10 Golem XIV posts – Updated

I have a favour to ask.

My friend Mark Tanner phoned me the other day to ask if I was going to enter the blog for the  Orwell Prize. I said I hadn’t thought about it. There was a tolerant silence followed by a gentle suggestion that I do think about it. I have and …well, why not. I never win these things because there is pretty stiff competition but what’s the point in not even entering.

To enter you have to submit 10 blog posts from the last year. So my favour is to ask any of you who feel like it, to suggest your top 10 or top 5 or however many you think are worth submitting. If, between us, we can come up with 10 we feel are worth asking the judges to read, I’ll submit them. The entry has to be in – by email – by Jan 10th.

I will quite understand if you don’t have the time but I thought I’d ask which worked for you.


Thanks to all of you. For both the kind comments and your suggestions.  I added up your votes for particular pieces, added one of my own and here they are.

Liars Lexicon – Mark to Market   1st Feb

Regulatory Arbitrage – What bankers don’t have to tell us  3rd March

The New Normal   15th May

How to Destroy the Web of Debt   26th May

World Wide Credulity Crunch  22nd September

Risk – tricky stuff  15th November

Debt or Taxes – the battle of our time   23rd November

The Hammer of Debt   5th December

Plan B – How to loot nations and their banks legally  15th Decmeber

The Miracle of Solvency  29th December


I would like to express both my sincerest apologies to Hawkeye for not being able to include any of his pieces and to thank him for his wonderful contributions to this blog.  The conditions of the Orwell prize are that you can only submit your own work. Otherwise I would have definitely submitted both Wall Street Fiddles and Irresponsible Borrowing and irresponsible Lending.









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