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The Decentralized Web Is Coming
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If you’re legitimately worried about climate change and the impact it will have on your children’s future, please watch this interview with Extinction Rebellion by @afneil. He skillfully deconstructs their arguments as ignoring evidence, scaremongering and proposals as extreme.

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#CorporateSchills #NGOSockPuppets #WrongKindofGreen Problem Action Solution, Co2 is not a pollutant, CO2, AGW The Interview premise is a strawman, the subject is an argumentum absurdiat . The #WrongKindofGreen #WrongKindofCrypto #WrongKindofDebt


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Problem Reaction Solution David Icke | Example Not Lip-service Clothing 

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Mir ist übrigens völlig egal, von wem der Tölpel von angeleitet wurde, seinen Job hat er vortrefflich erfüllt, Menschen umgebracht und die Antisemitenkeule geschärft. Steinmeier und Co. sind mit ihren weißen Blümchen wohl nicht zu dem Grab der wirklich getöteten gelaufen.

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#RevolvingDoor #CronyCapitalism #StateMonopolyCapitalism #NeoLiberalism Its fascism captain and just as we knew it.



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