Swedes Are Fleeing

I have been intrigued by the Gatestone institutes continued Last Night in Sweden type Donald Trump narratives.
There are problems here in Sweden to be sure they are not how ever the ones that Gatestone goes on about ad nauseum, as ever with proåaganda there is a Grain of truth which is then massively de-contextualised so as to render it useless.

Pelle North has written on Sweden and made a Very Good Film about the assasination of Olof Palme, Whilst a long time ago thats really where the story begins, No One ever talks about the Crash of the Kroner and the 1992 Crisis anymore and the Swedish Referendum in which Swedes voted against the Euro but the Assasination of Annalind in 1995 and the swedish Joining of the Eu also bears examination and links back as well to NATO and the assasination of Olof Palme.



Truth is difficult but essential...

A sad story for a Country who were so big hearted and accepting of, what for them, is mass immigration. It’s not the total number of immigrants that came, it’s the large percentage with respect to the original population. Especially at a local level.

If there is part of a population that has a very different culture and cannot, or will not, integrate into their hosts culture, there will be problems.

The socialist proposition of easily absorbed mass migration has been disproven by experiment. But, these are not objects, but people, from both sides of the equation, who suffer the consequences of this failure.

It is very hard to undo a situation that Sweden is facing.


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