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betty the bitch real Brexit.jpg

Dominic Cummings who no one had ever
really heard of before popped up and
wins the nomination


at 15.13 here chaffers nails the crux of the whole Brexit Question, how true to Cummings meritocratic if technocratic world view is Boris or is he an Aristo of the holy Roman empire?

Chaffers and Bray it was that introduced me to Dominic Cummings, I had never heard of him before , that Ken Clarke is again calling for his sacking is I think significant.




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The Slog

DSCN0260 First fire of the Autumn today. Very cosy, and bringing out all those hibernatory instincts developed a few million years before Homo sapiens, and after the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs.

I’ve just been to my local minimart to buy a few peasants for addition to the fire, and some nice blue cheese that isn’t vacheand is therefore allegedly better for me. This morning, I mowed some grass. Later I might go all Corbyn and make some jam. Making jam from frozen soft fruit makes it far easier to get the stones out. If you like making fresh tomato pasta sauce, freeze the toms as well: then plunge them in boiling water, and the skins peel themselves.

Following on from today’s earlier Slogpost, you will perhaps detect in those opening paragraphs my now overwhelming desire to stop blogging about Brexit. These are my final and irrevocable…

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