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The Slog


For the first time since the Referendum, yesterday’s Parliamentary session made the strategy for true Brexiteers crystal clear.


A quick recap to open this morning’s post, and then straight into the meat of it.

Yesterday, the Slog suggested that the PM did not have to accept the EU’s Brextension offer, but even more significantly that a specific clause in that offer had an enormous booby-trap in it:


The situation was potentially complex (many commentators opined that Boris was obliged to accept it) but constitutionally the “case closed” clause changed everything: it would be a rum do indeed if any legislature could force a First Minister to accept something of such obvious malign intent coming from a foreign power*.

The key point is this: despite that clause, Mr Johnson was still gung-ho to get a truly awful WA2 through the House that would leave the open to massive financial liabilities, and…

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