Organise a @Wiki_Ballot Constituency Primary. Throw your Tactical Voting weight behind the Sovereign Brexit Candidate. #IABATO #GrubStreetJournal #TheThreePamphlateers @financialeyes @Wiki_Ballot @JoeBlob20 

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OPINION: Confused about Brexit? You shouldn’t be.

This morning, the situation for keen, mild and even undecided Brexiteers wondering where their vote should go has never been clearer.

  • Boris has been forced to ditch his Withdrawal Bill. This is an excellent outcome for every seeker after sovereign British independence: but it was not what the PM wanted.
  • There is now a better than evens chance that we will get the Election we have been denied by the disguised Revokers since 2017. The sweet irony is that Illiberal Demagogues leader Jo Swinson engineered it: but again, it was her anti-People idiocy that got the result, not Boris.
  • That election will take place at some point but No Deal has not been taken off the table to get it. It gets better and better. But again, BoJo can’t take the credit for that.
  • Furthermore, we now know that only an election that delivers a committed Clean Brexit Government will allow that administration to say to the EU, “Sorry, that was an extension clause you forced upon the last lot….nothing to do with us”. No Tory government will be able to argue that.
  • The outcome leaves the Labour Party – or more exactly, its devious leader – with absolutely nowhere to hide from either the electorate or his own hotheaded and delusional MPs. But if anyone does, it will be these latter ideoclowns that swing enough Members behind an early election in today’s vote: not anything persuasive from the mouth of Boris Johnson.

Let me summarise where we are thus: better to leave properly than hastily. If an election takes place even on, say, Thursday 9th January, a No Deal Brexit Cabinet could be formed within ten days, and simply cancel all existing agreements with Brussels: no €39bn blackmail money, no EIB credit or liability traps, and a minimal transition period. If you want a simple no-strings free trade deal, by all means talk to us. But on the 31st Jan, we’re gone.






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  1. @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #IABATO #GrubStreetJournal Forget Westminster politics, is Boris’s new EU treaty Brexit? No, it’s not Voters can form Primary groups using WIKI_Ballot and group together to support the most sovereign Brexit Candidate, The issues are beyond party political there is a real threat to UK Democracy here, there is no democracy in the EU its a corporate public choice Corporate State Monopoly model. Voters can trust no one and should hold all candidates feet to the fire. Where Candidates do not avow to the sovereignty of the People through our Parliament they should be rejected.

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