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Sent to a fellow Pamphleteer yesterday evening.

“Posting to the slog is down john, I fully expect it to be a DDOS attack at this stage of the GE2019, I might do some hacking tonight and see if I can establish the Attack vector”.

“I am going to spend tomorrow getting a static site on web 3 feeding into Http links to The Slog and Wiki Ballot, I have not quite figured out the file naming system yet as its a bit complicated but I think I need to push the button now and put the pointy hat on”.


Jacob November 7, 2019 at 10:06 am #

Roger G Lewis November 5, 2019 at 8:58 am # #ConquestofDough #NaziPug #AlisonChabloz #FreeSpeech #FreeTommy

Given that Britain’s 8th Eton-educated Tory PM gave birth to Brexit, whilst his classmate and 9th Eton-educated Tory PM is now expected to magically ‘deliver it’, Some still find it hard to believe that this all was somehow a political accident.

Let me try to explain.

Roger G Lewis November 9, 2019 at 11:45 am #


THE SATURDAY ESSAY: why Personal Destiny Control (PDC) is now a global phenomenon from which liberty can benefit

win_20190127_120025 The pointless referendum that led to a pointed betrayal of Brexit has been, for most voters, a painful exercise in anger and tedium. But the learning experience mustn’t be wasted. In particular, it’s time to start seeing it as nothing more than one symptom along one dimension of a massive global trend: the multivariate attempts of positively anti-State groups to evade the attentions of (and build alternatives to) increasingly remote institutions and services that have been bought by the 3%. In this essay, The Slog examines the prospects for genuine Citizen Power.


A 77 Brigade Troll had made a blocking tweet since removed.

Now for the Pointy Hat stuff.

I have been hacking on the web 3 blockchain for nigh on 4 years now, I first heard of IPFS through an interview between Amanda at the daily Decrypt and Brian Hoffman of Open Bazaar. I am trying to sell a guitar on open bazaar at the moment by the way.

On the desktop app


In Browser on Web.




This is a great post. It has allowed a few previously un dropped pennies, for me at least, to drop, Thankyou! #SAM @wiki_ballot @GrubStreetJourno


Just to explain I have been working on a multimedia publishing browser for web 3, Beaker I have found to be the most innovative application which is well worth a look. Skuttle Butt is also in the same rarified class as Beaker it has gone back to basics of peer to peer computing which of course really does not require Blockchain for many instances. I had got this far By May.


And Beaker and Scuttlebutt along with Ted Nelson and Xanadu entered the fray


My Conclusion regarding Publishing content which one wishes to be discovered by those on the Cloud-Based web 2 or the server-based web 1 is that to have freedom of speech content published statically, or dynamically ( see EOS/Everipedia) on a pinned web 3 instance or an always up Desktop / Server plugged into some sort of Mobile or fibre network which is IP enabled. This talk by the late Joe Armstrong The inventor of Erlang is well worth listening too, Blockchains are not the be-all and end-all!!!

Tiddly Wiki the invention/creation of Jeremy the other speaker is also Genius. and in the Beaker and Scuttlebutt class.


Anyway, my task today has been made easier I think from the OP here, so thank you again. IPNS has been foxing me somewhat for a month or two but I think I get it now.


Down Load the APP https://wikiballot.beezer.com/edit source

Selection 617.jpg

Make your vote count with Wikiballot
When the votes are counted, make sure yours counts
Before you waste your vote, go to Wikiballot
Make your vote count. Make it to Wikiballot
Count the élites out with Wikiballot
Stand up and be counted with Wikiballot

Use Hypatias Eyebrowser for the antidote to Main Stream media


Customised Antidote to Main Stream Media Browser

TakeBack control 2WIkiBallot.gif


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