#158. An air of unreality Election 2019, Its the Tiger in your Tank Not the Pound in your Pocket? The Economy is an Energy System Stupid! 4 Pamphleteers by Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @DavidGolemXIV @JoeBlob20 “”Whose Sovereignty, Our Sovereignty!””

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The Consciousness of Sheep

Article from the UK blaming the economic woes squarely on energy issues.

Don Stewart


Its the Tiger in your Tank Not the Pound in your Pocket? The Economy is an Energy System Stupid!

What is Seeds? It’s a very powerful!

Where did the Prosperity Go? or as Harold Wilson once famously said “The Pound in Your Pocket” does not go as far? It turns out of course it’s the Tiger in your Tank that puts the prosperity in your pocket and the bread on the table.



On the Andrew Marr show yesterday I was struck by the two Sofa Guests struggling to Get across what 1.2 Trillion actually meant in terms of the scary Labour Spending plans, 43000 pounds for every adult or so many NHS budgets 9 years worth I think they were saying all the time, of course, saying precisely nothing. (@9.48mins)

As you say Tim, an update on Seeds as a Tool and ECOE as a Measure would be well received at this Juncture.





So we await the long overdue Seeds on a Bumper Sticker!



And then we come to Tactical Voting and the First Picture , The Sovereignty Thing.

The unthinking rent a crowd Sorista sign holders chant things like “Whose Streets Our Streets”

I wish that they would understand and act upon the idea of a “direct democracy” of peoples Sovereignty.


“”Whose Sovereignty, Our Sovereignty!””


Hi John,
The link is to an excellent tool for showing how a general polling spread translates to seats in the current parliament. It show’s how hard it is for the Brexit Party to Gain any seats even with 16% of the overall Vote.
Getting across to those who do not have an Analytic or Numerate bent is quite difficult this tool is a good start
If you look at the BBC article on Tactical Voting.
It barely grazes the subject.
This in the Guardian gives Remainers more of a leg up.
Caroline Lucas on Marr yesterday mentioned the Electoral System, Farage and UKIP often did, The Brexit party as far as I have seen have not as yet? The UKIP 2015 Manifesto was very Good, as was the Green, Labours 2017 Manifesto was head and shoulders above the others.
It will be interesting to see how well prepared the Tory Manifesto is, The Labour one I fully expect to be worse than 2017 with a slew of Green new deal shite. The Tories seem infected by the same hard of thinking on “Climate Change”
Back to the main point.
Target Seats?
I put all of the Remain United target seats into the Wiki Ballot primary pages yesterday, I also made a start on creating pages for the Most “Leavenest” constituencies first, Boston and Skegness. Four and Twenty Virgins and all that? How do we get the Brexit Party Lads and Lasses over the Wall?
I have been doing the entries manually I could have spent a few hours pondering a macro to do the process but decided to enter manually and mull the seats as I went, I am glad I did.
From heavy lifting the data points as actual constituencies, it left me with a strong impression of How strong the leave vote actually was in 2016 and again how the 2017 Election also maintained the same idea.
If we hold that thought and Use it to filter The Brexit Party and Lib Dem positions.
The Lib Dems have the harder mountain to climb.
Go to the Remain United Target Seats. https://www.remainunited.org/marginal-seats/  They project that the Lib Dems with tactical voting can only pick up 9 seats. and that Labour 29  of the 38 top targets with the remaining 27 targets likely to remain Tory even with tactical voting.
On the same list, the Brexit party has less of a mountain to climb but UKIP shows that getting any MPs is hard for a 4th party and the Brexit Party has not eclipsed the Tories.
What to do?
Obviously The Brexit Party has not a cat in hells chance of Forming the Government, Obviously, Farage isn’t standing as he knows this quite clearly, Perhaps the Brexit Party is solely a ruse to split the Remain and reform ( Left) vote and Get Boris’s Brino through the Commons unreformed?  I strongly suspect that that is nearer to the truth than any other explanation I can think of.

The New Chartists?

As democrats, communitarians and fully paid up members of the Creative Love squad John we are up against it. The Maths of the System is not how they are by accident and the boundary commission changes have tightened up the Axioms of the Two-Party illusion of democracy state over successive decades.
Our only Chance of Fighting a delaying action is to get a strong rebel cohort of Sovereign Candidates into Parliament, How that can be done I suspect that the Brexit Party Candidates have some sort of Contractual arrangements in place have we seen any membership documents or could we get hold of some. Mehdi Hassan asked about the structure of the party in the Roasting at the OXUnion but It occurred to me the other day that there may be a deeper undercurrent there?
Two Main Factions in Oligarchy, 1. UN, Agenda 2021/2030, 2. Pentagon/Texas Oil/Military Ind Complex
Which Faction is behind each of these Taboo Agendas?
Military Union. ( The Main Taboo of GE2019 and since Maastricht)
Carbon Based Debt Currency ( Still flying under Radar of most, UN Leftist End Game)
The demonisation of Russia (Military Industrial Complex War with Russia Profit opportunity)
Chinese Social points system ( Big Data, Your piece on SPaces resonates with this.)
Regarding the Social groupings in the Oligarchy within each of those, there will be Individuals who subscribe to any of the Two Main Groupings with Sub Sects as it were.
For the Purposes of Brexit, Election 2019. Trump is a Pentagon Guy and Junker a UN Guy, 2016 Hilary UN, Obama UN, Bush the Second a Strange mixture of UN and Pentagon?? The point being that 2001 and 9/11 was the coup de tat when the Globalists took control, to do that UN and Pentagon factions will have to have been on the same side I think the Two main Factions are now battling for the upper hand and Brexit and Trump have thrown a spanner in the works, Finally the Maunder Minimum is throwing a spanner in the works of the Climate Change religion and Carbon Currency.
Big Question is how can we make the people sovereign again? When one ponders that
it becomes a very big question?
Last part just thinking out loud John,

“”Whose Sovereignty, Our Sovereignty!””

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