EXPLOSIVE: Is this the reason why Farage chose to leave the Tories alone in their heartlands? Bojo Bunter Serves Fagan Farage Warmed up Brino. The Orkney Eagle Eats Betty The Chihuahua Bitch. Pigeon Post Tweets Ransens Note. #IABATO #SAM 4 Pamphleteers by Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @GrubStreetJorno #Sausages #Idiocracy

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NE Scotland, Orkney & Shetland
Pet Chihuahua grabbed by bird of prey in Aberdeen
4 Pamphleteers by Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @DavidGolemXIV @JoeBlob20


Answers on a postcard, please.
Is this Fake news or is the slogs source a Carrier pigeon friend of the Aberdonian Bird of Prey? Is Emma really Betty, and Is Betty being held to ransom with Kompromat provided by Sedwill the Spook in Chief?


An incorrigible Cognitive Dissident



SATURDAY SMILE: Betty Chihuahua blasts MPs and vows to bite her way out

chihuashua1 THE STORY SO FAR: Betty Chihuahua, Britain’s least independent and most neglected pet, has been kept in the kennels of her birth (somewhere in the bowels of the Earth) for the last three years and 124 days – despite the fact that 17.4 million British taxpaying citizens (representing a majority bigger than Glasgow and Birmingham combined) voted, on June 23rd 2016, for her to be proclaimed no longer a lapdog of the Odiously Diabolical European State Security Association (ODESSA). In this pan-global Slog exclusive, Betty addresses her loyal followers on the challenges that lie ahead.

Stop Press.

The Ransen Note reads

Sausages? the typeface is similar to the hand of Betty, is Betty Emma is the Chihuahua Bitch trying to tell us something. Brino Broth is made from Sausages and as we all know you wouldn’t like Sausages nearly as much if you saw how they were made?

The following scenes are from the Abattoir where Betty is thought to be being held to ransom along with other members of the ERG, and Former Labour Leavers The Stepford Lexits lead By the Out of Body Jeremy Corbynski.


It is widely speculated that Dominic Cummings made the switches as predicted in the Slog Scoop of October 26, 2019


It is widely Speculated that the Slogs Source was, in fact, Emma and the Betty moniker was for identity protection purposes. The Spy Sedwill has ears in every pie and left over-extracted finger and toenails in every sausage, it is said.

#SurrenderActIII  Backstopless Straponless Brino Three is to be renamed…..
“The emulsified high-fat Offal tubeit”.
Turkeys President Erdogan commented that
“it was likely of a sort found in the Right Hand of a Certain Wankerer practising Self partnering and Climate Change Soundbites in the mirror.”
as yet no indication of a Soylent green turn in the narrative of this otherwise highly plausible story is expected.

Brino Brawndo its what Plants Crave!

Leaked Slogan for the New Tory Manifesto, it has been delayed to make it even betterer.

“Brino/Brawndo emulsified high-fat Offal tubeit

its got Electionitis”.

The Betty Ransom gang filmed secretly by Project Veritas earlier  DIscuss the New Brino Betty Chihuahua Brawndo Brino, Cumming Plan to Switch the Watered Down Surrender special edition MK3 Surrender act a la Chef May, with the New special Golden Shower Steele report inspired of a Type made in Russia Skripals special Novichock recipe.


Yes Folks,

Borisis Brino emulsified high-fat Offal tubeit

has Electrolytes!

Boris modelling the fake packaged, real pretend

Brino emulsified high-fat Offal tubeit

Calls to boycott Heck sausages over Boris Johnson themed bangers James HockadayMonday 8 Jul 2019 8:01 pm Share this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messenger 520 SHARES People are very upset about this picture of Boris Johnson (Picture: EPA)


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