The Disconnected Electoral Thermostat. How a @wiki_ballot primary can plug your community back into the levers of power.

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Back in the 1980s, I did one year of my professional experience, to qualify as a chartered surveyor, working for the Shell UK property division. Based at 9 Whitehall, Opposite the Whitehall Theatre & around the corner from Horseguards parade and the Sherlock Holmes pub, which was our local.

My reference was UKFP 43, UK finance and property reporting to my Boss Mike Barker who became UKFP in the years after I had left Shell with colleagues I remember fondly

Alistair in the Scottish office, Will in Cheadle, Albert, George, Matt the two previous Students, Dave and Vince and many others. The office manager had been a Seargent Major in one of the infantry regiments I think. He, Dave, was straight talking and much feared by the office staff. I liked Dave Harper, he reminded me of many of my Fathers friends when we were based in Hanover West Germany during the Cold war. Our first Billet there had been in the Seargent’s quarters at Shweriener Strasse, our Neighbours were all Seargent’s and immediately next door was the Kennedy Family. John Kennedy was a Colour Seagent whose role was a ceremonial job of some importance, he was one of the couriers of the UK diplomatic Bag on the special train that used to go to West Berlin.

Anyway, Dave and I got on very well and he told me many stories and tricks of his trade for keeping the Civies in line. Dave knew all the entitlements to badges of corporate pecking orders, which company car, which desk lamp, which briefcase were available if you got the right ticket assigned to the right trip. One story he told me, which popped into my head today, was one about the Old Shell International Headquarters on the South Bank of the Thames. There had been a series of problems with people opening windows because they were too warm. the Airconditioning was well maintained and very efficient and although sometimes some maintenance may have been required most often it was just a bee in the bonnet of whoever it was that kept opening the window.

The solution to such persistent offenders was brilliant. Dave would send up a maintenance engineer who would take readings, pop a ceiling tile, run a cable to a suitable position near the desk of the too warm desk jockey and put up a Thermostat.

A session showing how the thermostat operated and Bingo, The window would remain shut forevermore with no further complaints. Of course, the Thermostat was not connected to anything but the desk jockey believed that it was.

And that dear reader is how the Illusion of democracy works presently in 2019 we are being asked to twiddle the knob on an un-connected political thermostat.

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WikiBallot is a simple wiki it is open source and available to all to edit, anonymously should people wish, although editing anonymously does have restrictions on upload functionality. Wiki_Ballot does not pretend to be the only or a definitive or even the best app of its type but it is a signpost to the ways of the organisation for Citizen Primaries. Affording citizens the tools to organise behind candidates that commit to represent their communities interests, and not to go along with the Party Political pretence of democracy.

That pretence is aptly shown in this old Spitting image sketch.


Wiki Ballot offers a starting point by which every voter can re-connect their thermostat to the levers of political power by holding their MP accountable and monitoring their record. In the General Election of 2019, the big issue is the sovereignty of the people.

From the very beginning of the process, the Establishment Globalists believed their old thermostat trick would work.

Regardless of which faction of the Establishment Oligarchy Trump and Johnson and the other Leaders offered up actually represent, it seems fair to say that, certainly, in President Trump the People picked a suitable champion, Boris remains to earn his spurs. Trump has been a curate’s egg but his delivery has more than surpassed that of President Obama.


Our thermostat is not connected to the puppet show. Start a WikiBallot Primary page and Take back control!


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