The People cannot win this General Election….but they can triumph in Broxtowe #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @DavidGolemXIV #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM


Focusing on Nigel Farage we always knew would be a mug’s, Game John. Many Kippers knew this and said so,
it does not really matter whether it is just hubris and ego on Nigel’s part or that he has been got at those are the wrong questions.
The point of direct democracy is that the citizens have a direct connection to the legislature and executive through their appointed delegate representative.
I read a piece by Danielle Hannan who said that Edmund Burke lost his Bristol Seat at Westminster after condescending to tell his voters he was their representative and not their delegate and as such he knew best. AT the very next election Hannan says the voters of Bristol dispatched Edmund and his hi falluting ideals.
The Burke story is a good one, his On These Present discontents is one of the great parliamentary reform speeches, regardless of the matter of the dust-up with the good electors of Bristol. In it, Burke says this.

“It is very rare indeed for men to be wrong in their feelings concerning public misconduct; as rare to be right in their speculation upon the cause of it. I have constantly observed that the generality of people are fifty years, at least, behindhand in their politics. There are but very few who are capable of comparing and digesting what passes before their eyes at different times and occasions, so as to form the whole into a distinct system. But in books everything is settled for them, without the exertion of any considerable diligence or sagacity. For which reason men are wise with but little reflection, and good with little self-denial, in the business of all times except their own.”
The information set out presently is a false narrative by design and as you point out john deciding what can and can not be relied upon is a tricky business.
My own approach is to check and verify everything and double-check those things I think I am sure about too. Reality is an emergent chaotic process and Mendacity is an emergent determined process, it is much easier for mendacity to give the appearance of having been right up to the boundary condition so ably conjured in Sir Walter Scotts Marmion,

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

Marmion is of course about the Union of England and Scotland and the Parcell of Rogues who Sold Scottish sovereignty for English Gold, in the words of the famous folk song.

The thing about parcels of rogues is that they straddle both sides of the tents canvass with all the ability of the fabled dog with two dicks, they can and do give the appearance of Pissing both into and out of the tent at the same time. This feat of Kanine cunning is perhaps something which the The Cartoon villain Bojo Bunter has perhaps perfected, “Two dicks and no Balls” would perhaps be a suitable shorthand for our Fish and Chips on The beach, Marmite , tea Bag in before milk ( No I will not take the squidgy tape route), Walk on parts by “Picaninee” adverting, Cabotaged cargo of mendacious Globalist Wankerer.

To Wit some tactical voting Loveliness.
It’s about the people not about the Characters, reconnect the political levers to the Citizens thermostat! The internet as David Bowie pointed out to Jeremy Paxman is about the grey space, its a channelling of a feedback loop whereby a conscious understanding emerges between the Speaker and the listeners, the Art and the watchers.


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With your help, Teck Khong can defeat the élite arrogance that denied Broxtowe its Brexit


The latest Britain Elects tracker poll shows pretty clearly that, as I predicted two days ago, the TBP standing down fiasco has been just as good for Labour as it has for the Tories. Over the recent days of polling, the gains/loss nets out almost exactly at 2.5% of Faragistas going Corby or BoJo. No doubt the daydream believers will herald this as The Labour Surge. The Tories’ lead now stands at 9 points. At the declaration of the election on 29th October, they were, on a poll of polls basis, 11 points ahead.

There is no doubt that Labour is polling strongly in its north of England and London metro heartlands. And there is no doubt that Team Boris couldn’t care less about that, because huge per constituency majorities do not convert into…

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