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Hello David and hello Golem Readers.
Its Sunday morning Earlieish here is Pickled Herring Land and My early morning musings have brought me here.
I have been doing a bit of web SEO optimisation not in any hopes of defeating the Google Crackdown.


But as part of a push to take Banned Blogs onto Web 3 and have their RSS feeds pushing back into spoofing the Normy Web Search engines.

You will Find an RSS feed embedded in this @wiki_ballot Web page

and also this Start Page Customised Web Browser

I made it using this free Tool.

When Comments are made on Davids Blog here they feed into the Embedded feed along with the #Pamphleteers. “HTML” “URL” and the acronym salad of internet geekisms actually mask a very simple indexing system and the work I have been doing with #TiddlyWiki,#BeakerBrowser and #Scuttlebutt, all point back to the starting of the web and how Peer to Peer back in the ’90s did lead to a consciousness explosion, that the Establishment authoritarians have been trying to get back in the box ever since.

We are in a stalemate position at the moment with the Establishment Silicon Valley Misanthropists resorting to more and more draconian and authoritarian means by which to serve their Oligarchical caste through the 4 estates which are as surely branded as the backside of any self-respecting NVXM cult member.

A somewhat lengthy introduction to why I am posting this here. ETFs.

You may not have read it here first, but I did, This Blog has been remarkably prescient on so many things. It was not for nothing that it rose to be one of the top FInancial Blogs in the world. Such quality of enquiry does not attract fame leastwise does it attract riches, mostly it ensures censure, blacklisting and an increasing struggle with the COrporate merchants of Debt and “ETF’s”. The Pencil Monitor really does not favour those that point out the fiddling.

The Numbers are big and folk switch off. We hear that very often with the PR Totty that tells us all about “Communicating Climate” . This blog sets out its assumptions and has always been a very balanced and honest source a Lamp by which to be guided through the shadows. If it’s on Main Stream media you simply have not read any Bruce Charlton if you take any of what it said, shown or written with anything other than a pinch of Salt.

This is how Big ETF’s have gotten and the “Green” Side of it turns out to be a major part of the scam? Go FIgure……… Pause for effect.


So whats a Trillion?




The Market Cap of the whole crypto space is pocket change for the fed balance sheet .
Google The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed – Tony Robbins and watch the video

screenshot from 2019-01-21 11-29-53

statistics show that it’s up to a
hundred and seventeen trillion dollars
so how long would a trillion seconds ago
a bit again a million is twelve days ago

screenshot from 2019-01-21 11-27-31


JP Morgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase has a derivative exposure of $70.151 Trillion dollars.
$70 Trillion is roughly the size of the entire world’s economy.
The $1 Trillion dollar towers are double-stacked @ 930 feet (248 m).JP Morgan is rumored to hold 50->80% of the copper market, and manipulated the market by massive purchases. JP Morgan is also guilty of manipulating the silver market to make billions. In 2010 JP Morgan had 3 perfect trading quarters and only lost money on 8 days. Lawsuits on home foreclosures have been filed against JP Morgan. Aluminum price is manipulated by JP Morgan through large physical ownership of material and creating bottlenecks during transport. JP Morgan was among the banks involved in the seizure of $620 million in assets for alleged fraud linked to derivatives. JP Morgan got $25 billion taxpayer in bailout money. It has no intention of using the money to lend to customers, but instead will use it to drive out competition. The bank is also the largest owner of BP – the oil spill company. During the oil spill the bank said that the oil spill is good for the economy.
JP Morgan Chase also received a SECRET $391 billion dollar bailout from the Federal Reserve.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

9 Biggest Banks’ Derivative Exposure – $228.72 Trillion
So these are my Notes. Please add your own Spontaneous Flash Blog here and populate RSS embedded feeds use the tool to make your own.

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