ANALYSIS: Why the cult of Certainty is demographically divisive . JohnWard is (Athos) and why we all prefer the smell of our own Farts. #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 Roger Lewis ( Porthos)




It’s Orwellian,

6/4 on for a 65-70% turnout
9/4 – 3/1 on for a 60-65% turnout
5-7/1 under 60% turnout

60-65 % seems the best value at those levels I think we will see a remainer parliament returned Under 60% I think similarly the old rules would still apply regarding tribal splits

I think only with a very high turn out will the don’t knows and only voted once before in 2016, will figure that requires a miracle of social media especially as the Main search engine Google is most certainly “doing Evil” at Page 9 of link

Modern word of mouth requires a catalyst to start tongues wagging and thumbs texting.
Engagement , Engagement , Engagement????

This from Dragons Den

A pub Quiz App,

The Wiki Ballot App is coming along any suggestions for something to jazz it up gratefully accepted.
DownLoad the APP

The WIki itself, I have tried to spruce up, Rather like the smell of one’s own farts, one is always left wondering what there is not to like. Any product put up for wide adoption requires a focus group and in development testing sadly neither the APP or the WIki has had any interaction, there are registered users and shares and the like. But the Fart is simply not cutting through even though I consider the aroma to be more than pleasant.


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