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Boris Our Blond Bombshell Plays Right or Wrong , on Election Scores on the Doors!

✔️ Let’s Play Right or Wrong





Getting Brexit done




20,000 new police

That drop of 20,600 represents a 14% fall since 2010. After accounting for the growth in population, the number of police officers per person has fallen by 19%.




More money for our NHS.



More money for every pupil




An Australian style, points-based immigration system

A “points based system”, which could mean anything

Johnson has also spoken enthusiastically about an “Australia-style points based system”, to the chagrin of pretty much everyone who has had the pleasure of engaging with our existing Kafka-style points based system over the last decade.

As Joanna Hunt has pointed out, while Australia is associated in the public mind with tough rules on immigration, their system is in fact pretty liberal, and the Migration Observatory says today that any revamped points based system could be restrictive or not depending on the design.

It is, however, not entirely clear that Johnson has the first clue how any such system would be designed. For a start, he describes his points-based ideal as one where foreigners “must have a job before they arrive”. This is precisely the opposite of how it works in Australia, where a key feature of the points based system is that workers who score enough points do not need sponsorship.


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“What do you get for a duck in this Game”?



“A Slap”,


Deal or No Deal, May Phones a Freind.WTF? Is WTO the only Game in Town?

So there we all were playing deal or no deal with an in-out referendum and Mrs May and the Majority of the Metropolitan Elitist UK Parliament decided we were playing Who wants to be a European. The Rules of Deal or no deal are different to Who wants to be a European, regardless Mrs May …


And listen, Folks, Next week, that time when Boris Phoned a friend.

The Crosby Show Analysis. Bojos, Fish and Chips and Marmite Advert. 4 Pamphleteers by Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @DavidGolemXIV @JoeBlob20

Q: Hey! Boris, all right? A: I’m good how you? 00:05 Q:What’s been on your mind today? 00:07 A: Well I can’t hide it from you, I’ve been 00:09 thinking a bit about this general 00:11 election campaign. Q:How do you typically 00:13 start your day? A: I tend to get up pretty 00:16 early


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