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Dear Candidate,

I want to support you and found you on the Brexit Candidates website at Unlike the others you have not put up your bio and photos to the site. This site is the only media site that lists all the candidates and it is disappointing you have not put any information such as a biography, a photo, any events or hustings or contact details there.

Like all candidates you sent your 150 words for approval and a photo. Nigel has not published those on his site and is refusing to let this site have the information to save you time when you are busy.

This site also gives your hustings and lists them unlike the HQ site, which only shares that with the candidate and no one else. This site share all the hustings with everybody. If you have been given hustings by the party please inform this site.

These are the details the site needs to help your campaign and fetches more helpers to help in door knocking with Pericles and leafleting and help with street stalls, etc.

Please send your bio which does not need to be approved and hopefully will have local issues that need dealing with. Your photo, your website or videos if any forthcoming events and hustings and a phone number. You may wish to use another number for the campaign and you can do this for free and pay for all your calls and data for free and make money. This is explained on the site in Extras > Phones.

It seems Nigel must have binned your bio and photos as he refuses to publish them on his site which he promised and I would not have needed to ask you to repeat this work as the site could have just used the data on the long promised site. Nigel has been asked to share this information to help your campaign and since he has not replied clearly does not want to share this information with this site.

I want you to win so please send this information so that the site can help you to win. This is a media site that is on your side no matter what the Brexit party thinks about it so please do not start discriminating on which Media you will contact with please do not be a Trump.

Check out the site at and contact them to send your information to fetch more helpers your way.

Yours sincerely

A Brexit supporter.

Thanks for your support and effort to help the candidate to win

Hope you can help as there is not much time to help find more support for the candidates.

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