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Pre Match Build Up.

Jeremy Corbyn even Stepford Corbyn is something of a George Best of Political Campaigning, and of course Best Nemesis Chopper Harris, in our metaphor for playing the man and not the ball, Stands in for the Presstitute hoards of stay in your lane stenography “Journalism”,
The Narrative is what one needs to discern reading this game is all about watching who is running off the ball, where are the spaces into which the attacks might flow and where are the man on man markers going and who has Jezzer by the Balls in a Vinnie jones like grip.
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The Kick Off, and First Half.


A man – and his plan


Jeremy Corbyn

This man is hoping to win the keys to Downing Street in three weeks’ time – and put Labour in power for the first time in nine years.

This morning, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will reveal exactly how he and his candidates aim to win over the voters on 12 December.

Proposals to be tested in Friday’s Question Time special

Labour unveiled its manifesto today and its proposals, along with those of the Conservatives, Lib Dems and SNP, will be tested at the BBC Question Time leaders’ special tomorrow.

The BBC is hosting a series of special programmes during this election.

  • 22 November: A Question Time Leaders’ Special at 19:00 GMT, hosted by Fiona Bruce. Conservative, Labour, SNP and the Lib Dem party leaders will take questions from the audience
  • 29 November: A live debate from 19:00 with figures from the seven major political parties in the UK – Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, Scottish National Party (SNP), Greens, Plaid Cymru and the Brexit Party
  • 6 December: A live head-to-head debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. This will be hosted by Today presenter and former BBC political editor Nick Robinson from 20:30
  • 9 December: Emma Barnett will host a Question Time Under 30 special, focused on an audience made up of young voters. It will be broadcast from 20:30 GMT

Led by Donkeys offers website to Farage for £1m

Led By Donkeys protest
Image caption: Led By Donkeys are known for their stunts

Anti-Brexit campaign group Led By Donkeys has bought the website and is offering to sell it to Nigel Farage for over £1m.

The group – known for its posters repeating quotes from politicians who may have changed their tune over Brexit – says it will increase the price by £50,000 a day.

If the Brexit Party leader buys it, Led By Donkeys says it will donate the money to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

The offer follows Brexit Party lawyers contacting Led By Donkeys and asking them to remove their logo from the site.

But the party said the campaign group refused to transfer the domain name – similar to their official site “”.

Led By Donkeys bought the domain name earlier this year to challenge Mr Farage’s party during the European Parliament elections in May.

“When Farage and his millionaire backers set up the Brexit Party, they didn’t have the foresight to buy up all of the websites with their own name – and we did,” Led By Donkeys’ co-founder Oliver Knowles told the Press Association.

In a statement, the Brexit Party said: “The Brexit Party have issued a legal letter, via lawyers, Wedlake Bell to Led by Donkeys requesting they cease and desist from using the Brexit Party logo and Brexit Party materials on posters, document download site and via their website at

“They have offered to comply with these requests, but so far they are refusing to transfer the domain name.”

  1. Corbyn walking Brexit ‘tightrope’

    Jonathan Blake

    BBC political correspondent

    We don’t know whether Jeremy Corbyn prefers a new Brexit deal, negotiated by Labour, or no Brexit at all.

    That is the tightrope that he is walking throughout this election campaign.

    I wouldn’t expect him to give an answer before polling day – or even after – because he knows he needs to appeal to Leave and Remain supporting voters alike in the UK, if he has any hope of winning a majority at the general election.

    That’s why the Conservatives will time and again attack that for what they perceive as a weakness – as we saw at the recent head-to-head TV debate.

    Jeremy Corbyn argues, as he did today, that Labour’s policy is about negotiating a better deal with the EU in the spirit of the result of the last referendum and then putting that to the people in another public vote.

    But that is very much not the narrative that they want to pursue during this campaign. They’d rather that we focused on those big promises and plans contained in the manifesto.

    How popular are the party leaders?

    Professor Sir John Curtice

    Polling expert

    Jeremy Corbyn launched Labour’s manifesto today, but how popular is he compared to the other party leaders?

    In recent weeks, the polling company Opinium has asked voters whether they approve or disapprove of the job that each party leader is doing – or, in the case of Boris Johnson, how they think he is performing as prime minister.


    None of the four leaders – Mr Johnson, Mr Corbyn, Jo Swinson or Nigel Farage (comparable figures are not available for the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon) emerges as especially popular.

    The least unpopular is Mr Johnson – the proportion of voters who approve of the job he is doing is more or less equal to those who disapprove.

    In the case of the other party leaders, those who disapprove clearly outnumber those who approve.

    However, in the case of Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, many voters say they neither approve nor disapprove – an option chosen by 39%.

    Read more from Sir John here.

    How do I register to vote?

    Ballot box

    There are just five days left to register to vote in next month’s election.

    The deadline is 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 26 November. Here’s our page with information about how to register, and answers to other questions you may have.

    How to watch the BBC Question Time leaders’ special

    Leaders of the four main parties

    In less than 24 hours, the leaders of the Conservatives, Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats will take part in a Question Time leaders’ special.

    How can you watch it?

    In the UK, it will be broadcast on BBC One between 19:00 and 21:00 and streamed live on the BBC News website, where you can also follow the latest reaction and analysis on our live page.

    The programme will also be on the BBC News channel and on iPlayer, with a half-hour preview programme starting at 18:30 and an hour-long programme live from the “spin room” afterwards, with reaction from specialist correspondents from the Reality Check team.

    It will also be broadcast live on BBC Radio 5 Live. You can listen live here or on the BBC Sounds app.

    It is part of a series of debates on the BBC, ITV and Sky, as party leaders try to persuade the public of their vision for the UK. Click here for more information.

Hat Tip To Dek Childs.

A Freind Made this Analogy I think it is a good won of Why Corbyn Will be rightfully pleased.
Politics, it’s funny old game.
Here’s a different take on what’s going on at the moment.
Football is our national game and lots of people are passionate about it.So I’ll use those terms I’ve seen a lot of people who are confused about people being up on a Labour loss.
Labour have not had a good showing in elections for years, so this election where it was very close,(3%, closer than Brexit) is akin to a 3rd division side getting promotion and getting to the cup final and putting a scare into say Chelsea or Man Utd. Not a win but a fantastic result.Everyone cheering on the team and the manager. what a great job.
On the other hand the Conservatives did very badly. Imagine being top of the league, in the cup, looking to have strong showing in Europe and then mid-season, the manager changes tactics, the team has a string of defeats, out of the cup, out of Europe and in danger of relegation, now reliant on other teams to stay up. If that was your team, as supporters, you would be furious, rightfully so and calling for the manager’s sacking and immediate replacement.
So, that being said, where are all the furious Tory voters baying for the sacking of the PM?
And this in the Awful Neo-Liberal Guardian.
This reminds me of Two under-performing former Goal Scorers Disputing and claiming the Goal that drew the match when Clearly the Arsenal Centre Forward clearly stuck the ball in the back of the net.

Adjudication process[edit]

The adjudication process comprises the viewing of video evidence followed by discussion by the Committee members. The guiding principle when adjudicating is as follows:
“As a rule, if the initial attempt is goalbound it is credited to the player making the goal attempt. However if the deflection means that a wayward effort results in a goal then it is attributed to the player who had the last definitive touch of the ball.” [1]
Kat Boettge shared a link.

3 hrs · 

We felt a profound sense of dismay when Tories won by narrow margins. In seat after seat, progressive votes were wasted, because of our broken electoral system


Off Form players claiming the Star Strikers Equaliser. An Analogy we can all understand. Labours 1945 Manifesto In Full and the 2017 ComeBack! #TwoFingers2Brino @wiki_ballot #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @JoeBlob20




#153. One for the sceptics. Free Will or Determinism , The Climate Religion Rowsons #Perspectiva

Perspectiva #ClimateCultReligion #DasFeelvia #153. One for the sceptics


Sorry for the typos in my previous post.
Just to wrap up here as I do not wish to just argue with myself.
I had a discussion back in April With the Author and another of his Followers of a 3 part blog post on Watts Up with That. The title of the Posts was as Follows.

Peak Oil, Abiotic Oil & EROEI: Real(ish) Things That Don’t Matter, Part One: Peak Oil
David Middleton / April 22, 2019

Peak Oil, Abiotic Oil & EROEI: Real(ish) Things That Don’t Matter, Part One: Peak Oil

“EROEI is the preferred energy metric for Malthusians, environmental activists, Warmunists and proponents of uneconomic energy sources. The invention of this concept is generally credited to an ecology professor…”

Will give you a flavour, this wing of the Climate debate is I think as useful to the Political project of CO2 Carbon Trading as the Catastrophist Wing, both are fueled by, Polemic, Rhetoric and Emotional bed wetting and dummy spitting Its a Manichean thing and this Roger Pelke Junior Talk at the GWPF is worth watching on that point regarding the Polarised debate and Religous fervour pursued on both sides, parading their Hurt Feelings and needing to repair to their various Churches or Cult HQ,s A bracket into which I would place the Perspectiva, project of Rowson.

I took David Middleton to Task on his Appeals to the Rhetoric and Ad Hominem rather than tackling the substantive issues of Energy-based metrics for Energy investment and Consumption Decisions.

“The unit of account in a Fiat money system is an arbitrary unit basing a unit of account upon an SI Unit of energy makes a great deal of sense if you do not wish to be robbed of your skin in the game by the money laundering Banksters- Sadly the Author of this piece has gone off at half-cock failing to define terms and set boundary conditions. Watch Glassmans talk and slide show and try again-

“Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the Right. Useful idiots for usury everywhere. Watts up With That #LimitstoNouse The Author lets us all down that insist that empirical evidence must be respected in The Debate about climate. Economics and Political Economy are imprecise pseudo-scientific priesthoods every bit as manufactured and absurd as Micheal Mann and his desperado band of cultist cool-aid hawkers. Steelers Wheel sums it up really. Quite one of the worse articles I have read here. ”


Globalisation Un-Entangled. (A FOUND POEM, CIPHER OF GLOBALISM )

Cut-up technique[edit]

Cut-up technique is an extension of collage to words themselves, Tristan Tzara describes this in the Dada Manifesto:[49]

Take a newspaper.
Take some scissors.
Choose from this paper an article of the length you want to make your poem.
Cut out the article.
Next, carefully cut out each of the words that make up this article and put them all in a bag.
Shake gently.
Next, take out each cutting one after the other.
Copy conscientiously in the order in which they left the bag.
The poem will resemble you.
And there you are – an infinitely original author of charming sensibility, even though unappreciated by the vulgar herd.





The Match is about genuine internationalism or different brands of Globalisation sadly Stepford Labour is shilling for UN 2030 Global Government, Johnson is Shilling for the Rules-Based WTO NWO order which is the State department Hilary Clinton wing of the Opposing factions of Globalist Feudalism.

As Private Frazier said,

Although not necessarily, MPs can take back control if we elect those who are of and for the people. Voting Tactically can make the process bend to the needs and requirements of public opinion, the first vote on Bombing Syria proved that.
Of course, the Hilary Benn eulogy to bombing syria back to democracy in the House of Commons that followed the second time around gives a strong clue to where the basis of the Stepford Corbyn Labour manifesto is coming from.

Two Cheeks of the same arse. It’s gone to penalties and Stepford Corbyn, Chopper The Spaff Johnson, and Nige the spiv have all it seems belted their attempts, wide of the left, wide of the right and screwed it into the stands over the bar.

A plague on all their Elitist Houses, vote tactically lets vote the rascals out, all of em!!!!


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