Corbyn’s Rover P5B Brexit/Lexit/Jexit or Boris’s BRINO executive Coach dressed up in Del Boys Reliant Robin Cheek? Not such a tough choice now.#COBRA #BrendanCox #PeaJackets #PeasinaPod.#TwoFingers2Brino @wiki_ballot #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @JoeBlob20

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Occasionally I simply sit down and write, this is one of those occasions.
Brits of a certain age will know who del Boy Trotter is and also his Reliant Robin 3 wheeler, Bright Yellow, or perhaps a fading yellow with London Paris and Peckham painted on the rear van Panels.
There is another Reliant Robin currently getting another bunch of Spivs into trouble. On the side of this 3 wheeler is written, Vatican City, District of Columbia and The City of London. Those who know something of the International order will recognise those 3 City-States and what they represent in the Liberal Political Order that has dominated the second half of the 20th and first 20 years of the 21st Century.
Del Boy trotter is a loveable rogue, the rogues of the 3 city-states are far from loveable, Hold that thought.

Jeremy Corbyn I have described this past week as a human 9/11, this is what we should believe about Mr Corbyn by all accounts in our various media and social media feeds. The Message has been writ large as if of such moment as a promise of 350 million quid a week for the NHS. On close examination the public is finding that Mr Corbyn is not nearly as wicked as the 3 City States, 3 wheeler jockeys, would have us believe. To many of us Mr Corbyn may be annoying, PC and even smug. The sort of Left-Wing do-gooder that gets up the noses of those who wish simply to get on with their own business without being told how to think, when to think and what to think. If we all think very carefully though it seems clear that Mr Corbyn is a mere amateur in the virtue signalling thought policing authoritarian, you must do it like this stakes.

I think Mr Corbyn is a virtuous ( in the best greek sense) man endowed with what the Greeks used to call Arette. Not being a 3 city State slogan pedlar, he is, of course, to be vilified, by all and any means. The efforts of those wishing to Smear Mr Corbyn are of course not made difficult by some of the Fringe causes ( for them) that he is prepared to advocate for. I have looked and found nothing to suggest that Mr Corbyn is a violent man or advocates Violence, those he has associated with are or have been very violent but their support, Financial and media-wise, seems to have come for the whole part from those 3 city-state stenographers and their sponsors, not from the Wicked Mr Corbyn. We should reflect and ask ourselves what exactly is going on here, The Cap so carefully crafted for Mr Corbyn to wear seems not to fit, and yet seems made to measure for the very people who tell us all of Mr Corbyn’s Crimes and Misdemeanors, Ironically it seems these crimes are of the Thoughtcrime variety and certainly fall into the species of accusation known to Psychologists as Projections.

What of Mr Corbyn’s critics and political opponents in the Current Stalking horse and show pony stakes? Mr Johnson is certainly accused of actual Violent conspiracy with his old Bullingdon Chum, Darius Guppy. More seriously perhaps his Joint efforts with John Kerry at the UN, when he bore all his deep and insincere “Unger” at the UNGA. Boris the spaffel de Brino was also an enthusiastic supporter of the Clinton/Kerry Libyan Intervention.

What of say, Caroline Lucas? who seems to be given a pass for her Loony Greeny Lefty feminazi excesses, because after all, our house is on fire? Who is really the Stalinist Commissar? Lucas or Corbyn? To be fair to Lucas she too voted against the Libyan intervention but her Green party has been rather less consistent on the issue of Regime Change shenanigans in Syria.

What of Ms Swinson, Swinson is best compared to Clare short, both have a dynamic breathing presence beloved of those of us that like to wait for the fat lady to sing. Yet Short and Swinson sing a very different song. Clare shorts tune seems to me to be more in Key with Mr Corbyn’s, not so Ms Swinsons. Swinson an MP at 25, with a perfect show pony cv, a supporter enthusiastically for all the Neoliberal excessive exuberance of the Cameron/Osborne Girly Swot of Uber Thatcher milk snatching.

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Complete the line up from last nights debate, the essential Welsh Windbag, de rigueur for the UK political palette, The Cranky from the SNP soon to be redubbed the SNSP ( Scottish National Socialist Party ) and of course the Tim Nice but not as dim as all that, Tice of the Brexit Corporation inc. An ACME for the new technocratic Feudalism of the Faragistas, a cuddly breed of fascist claiming Liberty as theirs as a snake oil salesman claims to sell the only “Soothing Medicament” suitable to combat the 3 city-state speaker John Bercow, happily now gone off to the Inter-Parliamentary firmament of shadow world government.

For me, I am left with the wish that Corbyn was a Bakuninite Anarchist and not some sort of Gramscian/Trot. Especially as I strongly suspect O’Donnell of being something of an unrepentant Stalinist, ready to deliver the ice pick into the temple of Corbyn after he serves his Stalking horse purpose.

Stepford Corbyn has much less of the new car smell of 2017 for me, he is more in the odour of a beat-up old Hillman imp, some say Trabant. Of course, I would prefer he had the Whiff of an old Rover V8 the sort that delivered Thatcher to no 10 in 1979, altogether more stately than the Spivy Jag which Bojo lounges in the back of.

But Back to the Reliant robin.

3 wheels on his wagon but he keeps rolling along those Cherokees are after he but he keeps singing his song.

“Get Brino done”.

You see Brino, is what Boris is trying to serve up. Corbyn is a real Brexiteer
In terms of getting out from under the Dodgy old reliant robin dressed up as an Executive “Brino coach” and into something more of an old Rover P5B, Proper Brexit
I have come to the conclusion that Mr Corbyn is the Best Bet. and I am a full English Brexit Patriot, all be it an anarchist, and we anarchists really do not like Trots.

The BBC has been spinning the Tory inevitability, the Telegraph is more honest with its Poll of polls analysis this morning with a projected BoJo Majority of 8 seats down from 68. The Gap is closing as it did in 2017.

The Gap closes another London Bridge, Dom Cummings Bat-signal, and For the Corbyn P5B, The Waspi Promise, and the Regional Manifestos. The Regional Manifestos I think are feared most of all by the tories. They tried that in Wells, where the Absentee Show Pony MP used a Welsh Conservative Blurb in Wells. If you’re posh they are kind of pronounced the same, but its a useful metaphor for how the Tory’s see Norf of Watford.  West of Heathrow, East of Canary Wharf and Sarf of Blackheath.


Mange Tout Rodders Mange TouT, Toute alors no joggy jiggy tres bon.






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