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Two little Pols had too little quals
Each had a spin machine
Gaily they talked each campaign day
Orators both of course
One little pol then had a mishap
Broke off his interview date
Wept for his quals then cried with joy
As his spin doctor said

Did you think I would leave you waning
When there’s a dead cat bounce to do
Climb up here Boris and don’t be crying
I can fix it with a surrogate or two
When they grow up they’ll both be pols
And their stalking horses will not be toys
And I wonder if we’ll remember
When they were four surrogate goys

Short months had passed,” Brino” came so fast
Cowardly they swerved to stay
Electorate roared loud, but in the
woke crowd cheering not dismay
Up goes a shout, Junker dashes out
Out from the shadows  blue
Gallops away to where Jezzer lay
Then came a voice he knew

Did you think I would let you Lexit
When there’s Grooming left to do
Climb up here Jezz, I will show you
What the 4th Reich will do
Did you say, Junker, I’m all a-tremble
Perhaps it’s the media’s noise
But I think it’s that I remember
When we were two little Pols

Do you think I would let you Brexit
Theres no democracy for  you
Climb up here Bozz, I will show you
Back to the Nazi ranks so blue
Can you feel Bozz, I’m all a tremble
Perhaps it’s the battle’s noise
But I think it’s that I remember
When we were into little boys.

Do You see what it is Yet?




coming into the last quarter of the race and awaiting the televised manicured sound bite

programme, featuring Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson This evening why would I make illusion to Rolf Harris and His catchphrase, Do you see what it is yet?

Do You see what it is Yet?


I spent yesterday figuring a way to Graph the Leadership approval figures of the 3 main Party leaders from 2010 to 2019, I had noticed that Ed Miliband had been extraordinarily Un Popular and wanted to see how true the Claims were that Jeremy Corbyn was the most unpopular Labour leader ever.

My Graphing exercise is still ongoing but here is my tabulated raw data are taken from Wikipedia.

The Data is extensive but informative The Most Unpopular leader in this period is Clegg with 65 % Then Corbyn who Hit -60% in September This Year beating Milliband’s – 56% from November 2014, see

“Crosby Says”. Below!

Nick Clegg[edit]
The following polls asked about voters’ opinions on Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


29–30 May YouGov Well/Badly[a] 13% 78% N/A 9% –65%
Jeremy Corbyn[edit]
The following polls asked about voters’ opinions on Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition.
Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party
13–16 Sep Ipsos MORI 1006 Satisfied/Dissatisfied[b] 16% 76% N/A 8% –60%
Ed Miliband[edit]
The following polls asked about voters’ opinions on Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party.


27-28 Nov YouGov Well/Badly[a] 17% 73% N/A 9% –56%

The Raw Data I am currently Crunching into an analysis comparing, Quals, Quants and Media Events and Media Narratives may appear before Polling Day, but I can not promise that as I have other pressing business priorities at the moment. Positive approval of any leader has been very rare in the period and I think I have spotted some interesting correlations as to Media coverage and Timing of electoral events. My main interest is to see how strong the Election Bias Rules Purdha period effect is. But anyone who thinks that the Media effect of The Murdoch Press, BBC and Mainstream broadcasters is still not a hugely important factor and of course that of Google and Facebook twinger censorship weighting this time around, simply has not been paying attention.

For Now, though remember The Quals Lead the Quants.

Can we believe the Quals based on the Anti Semite spinology against Corbyn,have the public seen through it? don’t bet against the public and the British sense of fairplay. The Spinology against Milliband by Crosby is explained in the following Video.

Crosby Says.

first time we picked that up was in
November of 2014 when in discussions in
focus groups people said Ed Miliband’s a
very weak man if the SNP do really well
and he relies on them to govern they
will push him around who knows what we
would get and that was from the word

So remember the Revolution will not be televised, although the electorate may be terrorised.

THE BIGGER THE LIE – Media Bias in the Scottish Independence Referendum

#HangtheParliament #FederatethePound #Corbyn4PM

Limbering Up the Political Maths, #LordAshcrostPolls #WikipediaGraffs. Let the Analysis Begin!!! #TwoFingers2Brino @wiki_ballot #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019 Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @Joe Blob20

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What do we learn from Lies Damned lies and statistics,
Polling and rhetoric and voting logistics.
Perhaps that Mandates like beauty are
in the eye of the beholder. Who Whilst in Glasshouses,
should Think twice before casting that Boulder.
Indeed one, should always be mindful
of the many known unknowns. And That politicians are rarely democrats even as they grow older.

Democracy Unfolded, the emergent reality of Brexit. ( A Poem, By Roger G Lewis ) #GrubStreetJournal #Brexit #Poem

Survation and Survey Monkey Called it in 2015. (Too close to Call) Turnout Is Everything.


Opinion polling for the United Kingdom general election, 2015

Opinion polling for the United Kingdom general election, 2017


Link To Lord Ashcroft Polling.

This Graph Explains the Importance of Turnout to the outcome of the Election Tomorrow.

If Turnout is the 72.2% of the Brexit Referendum last year you can see that the Light Blue line shows That the middle third of the probability distribution curve on Ashcroft’s polling numbers has a Tory Majority of between 20 and 60 seats.
The 2015 turnout was 66.1 % overall. around the same as 1997 general election less than the 77% for the 92 vote. Historically the 1950 and 51 elections had over 80% turnouts.

Finally, on polling, this is a very good article.

General election campaigns provoke a lot of attention and criticism of opinion polls. Some of that is sensible and well-informed… and some of it is not. This is about the latter – a response to some of the more common criticisms that I see on social media. Polling methodology is not necessarily easy to understand and, given many people only take an interest in it at around election time, most people have no good reason to know much about it. This will hopefully address some of the more common misapprehensions (or in those cases where they aren’t entirely wrong, add some useful context).

This Twitter poll has 20,000 responses, TEN TIMES BIGGER than so-called professional polls!

And the Gang of Four from the Brexit Pary?



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Vaclav Klaus, EUssr is a Soviet Construct. Oligarchical Collectivism. #HooverInstitute #MakeOrwel…