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On the polling John I think that one has to look at the Vertical as well as the horizontal, by which I mean if you look back as recently as June and July the Quals were not nearly as bad for Corbyn and as such the flexibility or pliability of public opinion is tremendously elastic. It is this susceptibility to manipulation that makes the Purdha periods such a volatile period as a bent out of shape distorted narrative, In this case, the outrageous Antisemitism trope, springs back rather more quickly than would expect with a more settled picture.
I have spent this morning analysing the transcript of the Bojo Jezzer debate last night.
My first reaction was that Corbyn has blown it but after this morning the reaction of Dominic Raab in the Spin Room afterwards made more sense, I sense Raab felt Johnson was the one who had blown it, and I think he is right.
Boris is skating and continues to skate not on merely thin ice but already broken ice. Brino is holed below the waterline and the Brexit Party gang of Four, Nigel Farage’s skinning on Andrew Neil and both the unredacted Trade talk and Treasury committee reports on the effects of the WIthdrawal treaty on the Irish border meant that Boris doubled down on already exposed lies. The BBC Reality Check did Boris no favours and the Interjections of the very supportive to Johnson Nick Robinson simply could not Dig Johnson out of his own Mendacious hole.

Another interesting discussion in the spin room was this one. Between Alex Phillips from the Brexit Party and Amelia Womack for the Greens, Womack is all that is bad in my view with both Green Party and British politics and Alex Phillips represents what I think is the Hope for a Better Future.
at 13.45 mins

found this retweet on Alexanders Twitter she has a sense of humour too.

Bris Mentioned Pelayo Socialism last night referring to John MacDonald I had not heard of it, here is a good article

it refers to Gramsci’s view on Subverting cultural hegemons, Of Course, Johnson is not a Conservative, I agree with Hitchins and consider Neo-Liberals like Johnsons to be a peculiar species of Trotskyite. and they are no better or worse than Marxist Leninists or Stalinists.

On the numbers alone john this is far from over and time remains to tell us whether pugilistically Corbyn worked the Bojo body sufficiently to wear him out enough for a knock out punch or certainly a Draw / Hung Parliament.

The Bookies odds are drifting, by the way, make of these what you will.
Next UK General Election – Conservative Vote Share Betting Odds

Next UK General Election – Labour Vote Share Betting Odds

Next UK General Election – Turnout Betting Odds


The Slog


No 2020 vision is going to emerge from the General Election. In the face of economic blizzards ahead, Britain stands dressed in shorts and tied to political totem polls. We need to create shelter beyond Westminster. 


To use a justice analogy that doesn’t stretch that far, quite a few voters went into this election thinking it wouldn’t achieve anything very much beyond stopping the Article 50 revokers…..but might well put the political class firmly in the dock facing charges of unconstitutional arrogance. A unanimous verdict of guilty having been announced by the jury foreman Tommy Atkins, this would at least earn a stern reproach from Justice John Bull about changing their ways, should they wish to avoid being banished en bloc.

Others still had visions of Captain Farage leading his Lancers into battle against the Westminster boil, draining it with clinical efficiency – and thus ‘changing politics forever’.

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