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I do find it


slightly curious to say the least NIC to


be lectured about the union between


Great Britain and Northern Ireland


by a man who all his life political life


has campaigned to break up that Union


and actually supported for four decades


the IRA in their campaign bar violently


violently to destroy I must say I find


it a curiosity

Malcolm Rifkind Son found this interesting regarding Boris Johnsons debate with Jeremy Corbyn.

 were it not for
that moment it wouldn’t have even been
there in tonight’s debate so I think
Johnson may even have thanked him for
that Boris Johnson said something very
weird about dragging people and their
knees through the House of Commons
wasn’t it they should be made to go on
their knees to down the through the
chamber of the House of Commons
Hugo Rifkind
Hugo James Rifkind

30 March 1977 (age 42)

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Education Loretto SchoolMusselburgh
George Watson’s College, Edinburgh
Emmanuel College, Cambridge
Occupation Journalist & broadcaster
Family The Rt Hon. Sir Malcolm Rifkind (father)
Edith Rifkind (mother)
Sir Malcolm Rifkind
Malcolm Rifkind 2011.jpg

Rifkind as Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee
Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee
In office
6 July 2010 – 24 February 2015
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister David Cameron
Preceded by Kim Howells
Succeeded by Dominic Grieve


Mr. Corbyn throughout his career has consistently opposed

longer sentences and when you look at

mi5 the body that keeps us safe

particularly from terror attack, he’s proposing to put in a Home

Secretary in the form of Diane Albert

who has called for mi5 to be disbanded?

Nick Robinson was keen to hear a response from Mr Corbyn on the point.


is that your Home Secretary Diana

abbot wants to he claims you tell us wanted in

the past at least a disband mi5

This very strange part of the debate has however as far as I have seen escaped any scrutiny. And it is this claim that Dianne Abbot wishes to disband MI5 I would like to Look at. It is also notable that Andrew Neil in throwing down the Gauntlett to Johnson is against the Back Drop of MI5.  It seems that this little Smear is an attack placed in surrogate publications at election Time, the coincidence with the 2015, 2017 and now 2019 election campaigns tends to suggest they emanate from Lynoton Crosbys little Balck book.


Diane Abbott tried to ABOLISH MI5 during IRA days… and now she wants to be our Home Sec!

DIANE Abbott was plunged into a new row last night after details of her past support for the abolition of Britain’s security services emerged.


Diane AbbottGETTY

Diane Abbott supported the abolition of Britain’s security services in April 1989

The shadow home secretary, who is due to give a speech at the annual Police Federation conference in Birmingham tomorrow, was revealed to have backed a Commons motion demanding the scrapping of MI5 and the Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch.

She joined other Labour Left-winger including Dennis Skinner and Dave Nellist in back the controversial parliamentary Early Day Motion in April 1989.

John McDonnell insists he did not read leaflet he signed calling for MI5 to be disbanded

McDonnell’s name had been included as a signatory on a list of “demands” compiled by a group called the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory ahead of the last General Election

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell ( PA )

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell insisted that he had not fully read a leaflet that he had posed with and signed that called for MI5 to be disbanded.


Current Inquiries
The Committee has produced a report on the Russian threat to the UK. The report was still awaiting confirmation from the Prime Minister that it could be published when Parliament was dissolved for the 2019 General Election.
The Committee has also produced an Annual Report for 2018-2019 which is similarly awaiting confirmation.
In addition, the Committee was in the process of a further four Inquiries at the time of dissolution:
  • an Inquiry into national security issues relating to China;
  • an Inquiry into Right-Wing Terrorism;
  • an examination of the current threat from Northern Ireland-Related Terrorism; and
  • a case study on GCHQ procurement.
Former members of the ISC
2017-2019 Parliament
The Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP (Chair)
The Rt Hon. Richard Benyon MP
The Rt Hon. Ian Blackford MP (until April 2019)
The Rt Hon. Caroline Flint MP
The Rt Hon. David Hanson MP
Stewart Hosie MP (from April 2019)
The Rt Hon. the Lord Janvrin GCB GCVO QSO
The Rt Hon. Kevan Jones MP
The Most Hon. the Rt Hon. the Marquess of Lothian QC
The Rt Hon. Keith Simpson MP
2015-2017 Parliament
The Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP (Chair)
The Rt Hon. Richard Benyon MP (from October 2016)
The Rt Hon. David Hanson MP (from October 2016)
The Rt Hon. Sir Alan Duncan KCMG MP (until July 2016)
The Rt Hon. George Howarth MP (until October 2016)
The Rt Hon. the Lord Janvrin GCB GCVO QSO
The Most Hon. the Rt Hon. the Marquess of Lothian QC
The Rt Hon. Fiona Mactaggart MP
The Rt Hon. Angus Robertson MP
The Rt Hon. Keith Simpson MP
The Rt Hon. Gisela Stuart MP
2010-2015 Parliament
The Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP (Chair)
The Rt Hon. Hazel Blears MP
The Rt Hon. Lord Butler KG GCB CVO
The Rt Hon. Sir Menzies Campbell CH CBE QC MP
The Rt Hon. Paul Goggins MP (until January 2014)
Ms Fiona Mactaggart MP (from May 2014)
Mr Mark Field MP
The Rt Hon. George Howarth MP
Dr Julian Lewis MP
The Most Hon. the Rt Hon. the Marquess of Lothian QC
2005-2010 Parliament
The Rt Hon. Paul Murphy MP (Chair) (until January 2008)
The Rt Hon. Margaret Beckett MP (Chair) (from January 2008 to October 2008)
The Rt Hon. Dr Kim Howells MP (Chair) (from October 2008)
The Rt Hon. Michael Ancram QC MP (from January 2006)
The Rt Hon. James Arbuthnot MP (until January 2006)
The Rt Hon. Sir Alan Beith MP (until October 2008)
The Rt Hon. Sir Menzies Campbell CBE QC MP (from October 2008)
Mr Ben Chapman MP
The Rt Hon. Lord Foulkes of Cumnock (from February 2007)
The Rt Hon. George Howart MP
The Rt Hon. Michael Mates MP
Mr Richard Ottaway MP
Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale (until February 2007)
Ms Dari Taylor MP
Now as Malcolm Riffkinds son Hugo, that is the son of the former Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the Committee now chaired By Dominic Grieve. And the same committee currently awaiting to release its report on the alleged Medling of Russian Oligarchs in British Elections, that’s it the one Boris sees no urgency in Releasing. Of course, the Reddit claims that the leaked NHS on the table in Trade Talks report needs urgent investigation, Its all about the Right Kind of Meddling you see and it’s all about Good Jews and Bad Jews and of course a certain Elitist nose for being able to tell the difference, Heidrich’s to a man they themselves and only they will tell you who is and what is a Jew. and which jew is good and which bad.  “Wer Jude ist, entscheide ich”

The 3 Tory Candidates still running in their seats in spite of evidence of their Anti-Semetic Tropery, shows how the awful campaign of smears against Corbyn personally truly is. It is a smear that simply will not bounce even though boris seems less than able or willing to carry out his Out on first Bounce promise within his own party when push comes to shove.

our party is having an


independent inquiry into into anybody


who’s guilty of any such offence and and


there are at first bounce if they are if


they’re if they’re if they’re guilty

Finally, we then come to EPhor in Chief Mark Sedwill, The true King. Johnson wishes to be Rules-Based international Order World King, and Sedwill is the World King first among equal and seer of the seers and overseer of the rest of us.


Mark Sedwill’s three hats: the pros and cons of no longer having a full-time national security adviser

Written by Dr Joe Devanny on 1 May 2019 in Opinion

Re-combining the role of national security adviser with the post of cabinet secretary undoes a reform made in 2010. Dr Joe Devanny asks if the decision is the right one.



“Better that right counsels be known to enemies than that the evil secrets of tyrants should be concealed from the citizens. They who can treat secretly of the affairs of a nation have it absolutely under their authority; and as they plot against the enemy in time of war, so do they against the citizens in time of peace.”
― Baruch Spinoza


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Zeus Naucratis Painter Louvre E668.jpg
Zeus on his throne with his eagle

The ephors were leaders of ancient Sparta and shared power with the two Spartan kings. The ephors were a council of five elected annually who swore “on behalf of the city” while the kings swore for themselves.[1]

legend has it that after the bloody battle of Thermopylae, the victor Xerxes prepared to spread a purple cloak over the body of his vanquished enemy Leonidas, out of admiration for his valor. But as he was about to lower the cloak, a strange voice out of nowhere called out: “No. Take that cloak from me. I will accept no favor from the Persians.” And Xerxes knew that it was Leonidas, speaking to him from the other world. And he called out into space: “But thou art dead, Leonidas. Why hate the Persians even in death?” And, according to the legend, back came the stirring reply: “The passion for freedom dieth not.” JFK.

Who watches the watchers, who are the PC police and will Boris be hoisted upon his own bouncing pertard.


Is anybody safe?

Under PC, whatever you do, whatever willing you show, status is contingent.

There is no safety even for members of the ruling elite in a system of Political Correctness; anyone at all is susceptible to denunciation for any reason or no reason at any time.

Since PC is a wave of moral ‘progress’ which leaves-behind all previous moral standards and behaviours – there can be no accumulation of moral capital.

This applies to the ultra-PC just as much as to the openly reactionary.


(In this respect PC is more like communist than fascist totalitarianism: under fascism membership-of and courageous loyalty to the in-group usually brings safety from denunciation; but under communism anybody was vulnerable to denunciation – friends and enemies of the government alternated with bewildering rapidity: nobody was safe.)


Indeed, the PC elite seem especially vulnerable to denunciation – since they are under continuous scrutiny; it is hard to keep-up with the pace of change, and the change is so arbitrary; it is very difficult to suppress common sense 24/7.

The highest member of the PC elite is only a single gaffe away from disaster.


(Note: A ‘gaffe’ is when an elite PC intellectual momentarily forgets to lie.)


In May 2015, at the West London Synagogue, there took place the memorial service for Lord Leon Brittan.

Leon Brittan was reportedly a visitor to the Elm Guest boy brothel, run reportedly by MI5.

Leon Brittan named as child rapist

Brittan, who has Lithuanian Jewish origins, was at one time the government minister responsible for the spy service MI5

The West London Synagogue memorial service for Lord Leon Brittan was attended by:
1. Sir Malcolm Rifkind (above), the cousin of Leon Brittan.

Malcolm Rifkind is related to Charles Rifkind, who has been a governor, and parent, at Arnold House School.

Lucian’s Philosophers for Sale – tr. Fowler and Fowler v. 12.11,, 23 November 2017
Page 11 of 30

Syllogisms of Guilt? and other witchhunts.

[An usurer.]


In regard to things external, health, wealth, and the like, I am then all
that Nature intended me to be. But there is much previous toil to be undergone. You
will first sharpen your eyes on minute manuscripts, amass commentaries, and get
your bellyful of outlandish terms. Last but not least, it is forbidden to be wise without repeated doses of hellebore.

dealer All this is exalted and magnanimous to a degree. But what am I to
think when I find that you are also the creed of cent-per-cent,1
the creed of the usurer? Has he swallowed his hellebore? is he made perfect in virtue?

Assuredly. On none but the wise man does usury sit well. Consider.
His is the art of putting two and two together, and usury is the art of putting interest
together. The two are evidently connected, and one as much as the other is the prerogative of the true believer; who, not content, like common men, with simple interest, will also take interest upon interest. For interest, as you are probably aware, is of two kinds. There is simple interest, and there is its offspring, compound interest.Hear Syllogism on the subject. “If I take simple interest, I shall also take compound.
But I shall take simple interest: therefore I shall take compound.”
Seventh dealer

And the same applies to the fees you take from your youthful pupils? None but the true believer sells virtue for a fee?

Quite right. I take the fee in my pupil’s interest, not because I want it.
The world is made up of diffusion and accumulation. I accordingly practise my pupil
in the former, and myself in the latter.
Seventh dealer

But it ought to be the other way. The pupil ought to accumulate,
and you, “sole millionaire,” ought to diffuse.

Ha! you jest with me? Beware of the shaft of insoluble syllogism.


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