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Hi John, This Survation Poll for GMB is I think a fair snapshot the explication by Survations CEO Damian Lyons Lowe, is also very good and holds the clues to why come the 12th we might all be surprised in any number of different ways.
From this Sample, Brexit has by a long way been the dominant theme followed by the NHS and The question of Anti Semitism. at no 3.joint with the trustworthiness of politicians.

Thinking about media coverage you have seen and heard, what issue do you think has received most coverage in this election campaign?
Brexit: 48%
The NHS: 23%
Crime and policing: 2%
Tax and spending policies: 3%
Honesty of politicians: 8%
Racism and antisemitism in political parties: 8%
Other: 2%
Don’t know: 7%


Conservative: 45% (+2)*
Labour: 31% (-2)
Liberal Democrat: 11% (-)
The Brexit Party: 4% (+1)
Green: 2% (-2)

context from Wikipedia, this Survation poll is not included at time of posting this,

I share your reservations regarding Mc Donnel and the likelihood of his Shafting Corbyn. That said That they are both Marxists bothers me not one jot. Which species of Marxist they are concerns me only slightly more, in that if we fight for our democracy which is actually under great threat, but not by Marxists, crypto Marxists etc but by Neo-Liberal Ideologueswho are actually State Monoply Capitalist ( Rosseveltian Fascists.)

Is the Labour Manifesto a Carbon copy of the Communist Manifesto, is it a blueprint for a Soviet Communist model? Arguably the EU is actually the closest to a Soviet Communist Model and the Labour Manifesto is actually foul of the EU rules in some aspects to differing degrees.

Within the model of social/liberal democracy, we have, that people with a Marxist economic ideal and indeed communist party allegiances and membership does not and should not exclude them from the debate and having their suggestions put to a vote the same goes for all minority views including those of Moslem including Islamists, Jews including zionists, fundamental Christians, including evangelical messianic Zionists, Libertarian Anarcho-Capitalist, WHite and black supremacists, LQBTQ rainbow identitarians, all and any view limited only by the rule of law as regards actual and proposed violent action against any other group or opponent or individual that is the liberty of free speech and thought .

I watched the Marr show yesterday, O’Donnell was a real turn off he will have confirmed many peoples suspicions of this Labour Party effort. The most attractive in all senses appearance on the show was that of Gloria De Piero

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Personal life[edit]

De Piero married James Robinson in 2012. Robinson was a media correspondent at The Guardian, media editor at The Observer and an employee at PR firm Powerscourt. He is the director of communications for deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson.[35][36][37][38]

Of course, the zealotry of the Momentemistas is a very big problem and does not augur well for politics of tolerance over the next 25 years.

This is the problem that bothers me more than the Anti Semitism. As a soft Zionist myself, in that I have many Israeli friends and have a very strong religious and cultural affinity with Judaism. That said I support BDS and can see that Under Netanyahu and Likud the Israeli political establishment has lead the Charge of Neo-Liberalism Globalisation, as hard as any Blairite Zealot has. I have been attacked by both sides of the issue for this view, which, is both a moderate and nuanced view. Gloria De Piero I think expresses this very well.

Boris’s BRINO would be the worse of both worlds in my view and under a WTO Brexit, I think we can kiss goodbye to the NHS. Remaining in the EU is I think as disastrous an outcome as BRINO or WTO under a Boris Jonson government. What will happen with a Corbyn Minority Government?

O’Donnell says He has dedicated his life to the “Climate Crisis” in his Marr interview this is perhaps the most mendacious statement of the whole campaign. It out Boris’s even Boris and it’s a very very high bar. When we are in the league of Boris Mendacity we are talking premier league. Von Der leyans new EU green deal is set to be announced on the 12th and this is the tell that, O’Donnell will wish to remain in the EU with the Carbon Taxing totalitarianism of the EU driving the State monopoly corporate agenda.

Where does that leave us? I think Corbyn is not a Stalinist on the Level of O’Donnell, there is a chance that Corbyn can outmanoeuvre O’Donnell and The Green New Dealer Stalinist/Fascist axis it very much is the Stalin / Hitler axis in my own mind.

Corbyn for me is still an unknown quantity? What does his Brother make of it all.


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