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Don’t Give Up, “The Passion for freedom dieth not”.

December 28, 2019Kurt Nimmo https://kurtnimmo.blog/2019/12/28/2020-prognostication-and-the-end-of-this-blog/

2020 Prognostication and the End of this Blog

Below I enumerate the reasons we will be unable to effectuate meaningful political and social change in America and why I have decided this blog is pointless. 

1. The wars will continue. No political solution is possible. The people are now inured to war. It is not an issue for most Americans. The media does not report the cause and effect of war in a truthful manner. If the wars are to be fought by the invisible poor and the flag-draped coffins arriving at Dover airbase are not shown—to say nothing of videos and photos of uncounted innocents killed by the US government—then most people simply don’t care. They are not motivated to do much of anything about the situation. In this way, they are analogous to the citizens of Nazi Germany. 

Hi Kurt,

I feel your frustration. The Darkest Hour though they say is just before the Dawn.
I live in Sweden, down south , so not quite Dark all Day round but this part of winter is certainly the Worst part with minimal hours of daylight and the real snow and ice yet to hit.
Your numbers may be small reader wise but your influence as you note is leveraged through re-posts , a dialogue even though limited in what we perceive is I think much more widely influenced in the days of the Cloud this is literally true . As a Christian/Jew for Jesus, I think the power of prayer is even greater than the Digital Cloud and and a community at prayer is I also believe more than capable of moving the actions of mankind in positive directions.
John F Kennedy told the story of Leonidas at Thermopylae.

“For legend has it that after the bloody battle of Thermopylae, the victor Xerxes prepared to spread a purple cloak over the body of his vanquished enemy Leonidas, out of admiration for his valor. But as he was about to lower the cloak, a strange voice out of nowhere called out: “No. Take that cloak from me. I will accept no favor from the Persians.” And Xerxes knew that it was Leonidas, speaking to him from the other world. And he called out into space: “But thou art dead, Leonidas. Why hate the Persians even in death?” And, according to the legend, back came the stirring reply: “The passion for freedom dieth not.”


I am a welshman, a Brit and have lived in sweden for 10 years this April. I have not visited the States for over 20 Years but spent a fair amount of time travelling there in the early and Late 90’s, as a British Army Brat I have also had quite a lot of US forces kids as Friends, SHAPE, Upper Heyford,Ramstein etc. On the Whole we are greater than the sum of our parts and certainly much greater than the sum of the parts of the Tail that wags the Dog. I know a Generous and Pragmatic United States of America, an optimistic and confident , just United States of America. My Old Friend America seems to have fielded the wrong team abroad but the best Team, the first Team, the A team is still there amongst the Ranks of United States Citizens, those who Serve and Have served and those who have always been Civilians.

I am aware Kurt that this message will likely be screened by some algorithm somewhere and filed away , perhaps never to be read by human eyes. That’s the truth of the Mass surveillance state its a A machine learning by rote surveillance state and to call it an artificial intelligence is something of a misnomer.

Pelagius said this.

“We must now take precautions to prevent you from being embarrassed by something in which the ignorant majority is at fault for lack of proper consideration, and so from supposing with them, that man has not been created truly good simply because he is able to do evil. … If you reconsider this matter carefully and force your mind to apply a more acute understanding to it, it will be revealed to you that man’s status is better and higher for the very reason for which it is thought to be inferior: it is on this choice between two ways, on this freedom to choose either alternative, that the glory of the rational mind is based, it is in this that the whole honor of our nature consists, it is from this that its dignity is derived.”


The USA’s citizens will indignantly choose the right Path Kurt, I support President Trump I think he has actually delivered on many more promises than Obama or any of the Presidents since Kennedy even tried too. I really appreciate your writing Kurt, speaking for me it has made a difference to me sat in my Home in the Swedish Forest, so thank you.

Hypatias Eye Browser has a number of web 3 links in it Kurt, IPFS and Web 3 also P2P communication Beaker Browser and Skuttle butt are all tools which will get us out from under the Googleplex Fascist rote learning Machine.


Its not about the Cryptos Kurt its the P2P end to end encryption as with Bittorrents and Napster, look upon that information as our Silver Lining