Unhappy old Year….Happy New Year?

Happy New Year all,

I watched this earlier, about Surveillance Capitalism.

Welcome to the Matrix?

I am a very Keen Fan of Andrew Nicols Work, His 2018 Effort Anon, is well worth watching, In time, Gattica, The Truman Show, S1mone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Niccol I have seen all his films several times and for me his filmography takes up where Kubric Left off.

When we were kids, travelling long distances all over Europe from our base in West Germany We Kids always asked the question, Are we nearly there yet? how much longer.

It was always another five minutes. In the Zuboff Interview and the Niccol film Anon truth and fiction are not merely overlapping there is a full eclipse of Dystopian Fiction and Our Lived realities. Are we there yet, YES!!!

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