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What do other sloggers make of this)
I sent a CV but suspect my lack of elitist sympathies and academic badges mark me out as the wrong sort of MisFit.

I actually read all of the linked-to papers and blogs,

After the whole exercise I have more doubts about Dominic Cummings before I started, The Un-necessary, “I will bin you”, machismo is rather off-putting.

This Talk on the Edge web site is very good, Cummings would do well to watch it and internalise the ideas.


This is a very good video on Di-Electric Magnetism, now this guy is a proper misfit. What’s more, he is I think very close to scientific truth as we would get to, absent vested interests.

This from 1968 is also a breath of fresh air.

and this Fred Hoyle and Richard Feynman.


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Dear Algorithm,
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Dear Dominic.
I am a Developer, Programmer, Entrepreneur and Misfit.$FILE/VPPI-CPPI-ACDFLP-12-02-20.pdf

A variation on the notion that ”you have to be in it to win it´´ and the way to remain in the game is to eliminate risk from your portfolio so that you have a portfolio at all and trust to Lady Luck ( The Tychastic reservoir) ´´to generate your ”hits”.

I have been working on Open Internet Protocol (OIP) and Smart Contracts, permissionless end to end encrypted computing and metadata mining for content creation. I am an open-source GNU / Linux guy, Musician ( Guitar Player ) , Poet, Doer and self-starter. My Github shows what my computing interests are

My Professional Background is as a Chartered Surveyor and Property Developer. from which I retired back in 2003.  

I will be in London next week I am doing my first deal in the UK for 20 years for a Web 3 computing private members club with cellular accommodation. Our Working title for the project is The 0’s an 1’s club

If you would like to interview me I am on Skype, Zoom, Google or Facebook this is my long-form CV. You mention “If you want an example of the sort of people we need to find in Britain, look at this on CC Myers — the legendary builders. SPEED. We urgently need people with these sort of skills and attitude. (If you think you are such a company and you could dual carriageway the A1 north of Newcastle in record time, then get in touch!)”  I could do that, Gissa Go! 

Yosser Meets Bozzer?

P.S I have a puerile sense of humour.

P.P.S. I would not have sent this email if I wasn’t prepared to commit the two years you ask for.

You might Find this email I sent to a Co-Working operation in London the other day.

“Obviously, I am just looking for a temporary office whilst we build-out.
The Not the Grub Street Journal Blog may have been what you found on Line.
I am not a corporate guy, I am a proper free market Anarchist and obviously, my Blog reflects that position, I am coming back to London Because of Brexit, if Brexit does not happen I will not proceed, the harder the Brexit the better I like it!”
Best wishes,



    Varafoukis has some good points to make, as usual, For me, he falls down on Debt-based money and his pushing of the Green New Deal fraud. That said always worth listening to his views they are based on Inside knowledge.

    This CHannel Thinkview was recommended by a French Freind, who told me about it when I dropped my son off at his to play earlier. Lots to watch on the channel, The translate to English button does not work for me today? not sure why .

    Google will not allow the other platform on which thinkerview runs.

    ita WEB 3 instance one of a growing number sprouting up and challenging You Tube hence Google booting it out, It opens in Firefox,.


    This Varafoukis Lecture on The Nature of Money was brought to mind today after watching a more recent interview he gave to a French interview channel in February 2019, recommended to me by a French friend today.
    In the second one He is asked to explain the Exponential Function.
    @ 24.08 income was around 55 trillion just say
    55 there are too many zeros to worry
    25:52 about 55 the total size of financial
    25:57 derivatives was 70 okay so total income
    26:02 another world
    55 26:05 total derivatives 70 2007 exponential
    26:12 growth okay this is this global income
    26:17 had risen because of globalization from
    26:19 55 to 70 from in six years as a lot from
    26:23 55 to 70 growth in the size magnitude
    26:28 volume of the river
    26:30 others from 70 to 780 , nice so to
    26:38 put it bluntly planet Earth was not big
    26:40 enough for this bubble say burst in 2008

    Steve Keen A good friend of Varafoukis has published and been linked to here on the Physiocrats and the Energy aspects of the Economic System. The point is though that it’s not only about Energy qua energy.
    Which brings me to Dominic Cummings? I actually read all of the linked-to papers and blogs, After the whole exercise I have more doubts about Dominic Cummings before I started, The Un-necessary, “I will bin you”, machismo is rather off-putting. This Talk on the Edge web site is very good, Cummings would do well to watch it and internalise the ideas.
    This is a very good video on Di-Electric Magnetism, now this guy is a proper misfit. What’s more, he is I think very close to scientific truth as we would get to, absent vested interests.

    Smolin really is onto something as is this man.

    I had reblogged this but as it hadn’t appeared I have re-posted instead. For a Blog that purports to be about scientific rigour, it seems to me that Scepticism, essential to the scientific enquiry, should welcome other points of view. The edge site is particularly good at that, at the edges of Human Knowledge, the way forward is not placed onto a handy shelf of bumper stickers.

    “All men in this and other countries are accustomed from youth
    to measure the increase or diminution of wealth by dollars or other
    denominations supposed to be units of value…. Even when the facts
    are understood, the idea that the change is in the value of the commodities measured, and not in that of the dollar itself, is so natural
    that a long and severe course of mental discipline is necessary to get
    rid of it. Indeed, we question whether the most profound economist
    can be entirely successful in this respect “(Newcomb, 1879, p. 230).
    “The idea of electricity as a flow of ‘electrons’ in a conductor was regarded by Oliver Heaviside as “a psychosis”. This encouraged Heaviside to begin a series of writings
    Also consider the J.J. Thomson concept of the “electron” (his own discovery). Thomson considered the electron the terminal end of one unit line of dielectric induction. “Electrons as a separate, distinct entity…doesn’t really exist, they are merely bumps in something called a ‘field’.” – Dr. Steve Biller

  3. The Strategy of Life: Teleology and Mechanics in Nineteenth-Century German Biology
    by Timothy Lenoir
    really liked it 4.00 · Rating details · 5 ratings · 1 review
    In the early nineteenth century, a group of German biologists led by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach and Karl Friedrich Kielmeyer initiated a search for laws of biological organization that would explain the phenomena of form and function and establish foundations for a unified theory of life. The tradition spawned by these efforts found its most important spokesman in Karl Ernst von Baer. Timothy Lenoir chronicles the hitherto unexplored achievements of the practitioners of this research tradition as they aimed to place functional morphology at the heart of a new science, which they called “biology.”

    Strongly influenced by Immanuel Kant, the biologists’ approach combined a sophisticated teleology with mechanistic theories and sparked bitter controversies with the rival programs, mechanistic reductionism and Darwinism. Although temporarily eclipsed by these two approaches, the morphological tradition, Lenoir argues, was not vanquished in the field of scientific debate. It contributed to pathbreaking research in areas such as comparative anatomy, embryology, paleontology, and biogeography.

    “Biology has largely rejected the idea that evolution is guided in any way”.

    Can Biology reject anything? of course, it can not a category is not a thing abounded description of a convention in practice can be described by those regarding it, it is itself as an abstract notion incapable of expressing any notions of its own!
    What this means to say is that the conventional mainstream establishment in Academic Biology expresses a view in opposition to Orthogenesis, that is quite different to “Biology Rejects the idea?”.

  4. Libya has a few clues. This from Ellen Brown in 2011. Alex Newman wrote in the New American: In a statement released last week, the rebels reported on the results of a meeting held on March 19. Among other things, the supposed rag-tag revolutionaries announced the “[d]esignation of the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and appointment of a Governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”

    As a straw poll I wonder how many Seeds commenters possess a soldering Iron? How many Seeds commenters can programme in or use Python or have any rudimentary skills sufficient to compile their own applications from Source? How many people here use Gnu/Linux. Tim uses Duckgo go as his browser of choice how many others use another browser outside of the Google Suite? On the Cummings Blog post this was the site I found most interesting of all that Dominic found interesting. This statement stood out? “No normal person sees an app and thinks “I can make that myself.” Or even “I can modify that to do what I actually need.” By that definition I am not a normal person, I think the statement is false it is natural in all of us to question, to ask why? We are trained and indoctrinated not to do it, that’s rather different to not having a natural inclination to do it anyway. In the Pavlovian dystopia of surveillance Capitalism, it is more important than ever to make Orwell Fiction again. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it”. George Orwell