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Oscar Wilde defined a cynic in Lady Windemere’s fan as; ” a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”.

Big Data is the new oil, the Black and White gold or, the pixelated fools gold perhaps? Huge valuations are placed upon companies who can however incongruously or implausibly graft on the pre-fix or Suffix “- Tech, Tech – TECH”.

An old computing maxim is Garbage in Garbage out, that’s self-evident of course, “pigs ears and Silk purses” and all of that. But let’s remain in the porcine metaphor is Big Data really just “pearls before Swine”.

Perhaps I should explain? Military commanders know all too well that The Map is not the territory, for the purposes of “Prop-Tech” that’s an apt starting point. Of course, the Map is not the territory and the Model is not the thing, just as the name of anything is not the thing in itself. These are far more than just semantic games and when we look at Data, data processing, databases and the hugely powerful new generation of Graph Databases, we have to be very careful to remember that any description of a Thing, a phenomena, a market a moment in time or a reporting quarter is just that, a description of something that has happened in the past at a fixed point or over a period of time. Statically for a snapshot, we can describe say’ ? an unexpired lease term, the passing rental, the repairing obligations the asking price, the previous list of tenants and so forth. Databases are very good at this sort of description and comparisons over time and in parallel can give a sense of the dynamics of individual variables within what becomes a computer model based upon the Data across a whole album of individual pictures.

At this point, one usually swoons with eyes glazed over and we will all want to say something indicating understanding, something indicating the conversation has been helpful and interesting and signalling that we agree, Big Data is full of goodness and very very useful.

“You must have a very very clever Algorithm to go with that”

Perhaps a warning label should come with each Big Data truth claim.

“Two Algorithms and some snake oil to go”.

Valuation is an art and not a science, there is also art in Mathematics both pure Maths and Applied maths always have more than one way to get to a particular solution. That’s why they are Solutions and not answers, the word Solution implies the inevitability of there being more than one way to wiggle the Elephants Trunk.

Based on the paper:

“Drawing an elephant with four complex parameters”, by

Jurgen Mayer, Khaled Khairy, and Jonathon Howard,

Am. J. Phys. 78, 648 (2010), DOI:10.1119/1.3254017

“The company will now focus on investing in technology, both in terms of its people and its assets. SEGRO plans to bulk up the Proptech and digital teams that now sit in the new division. “We had already created this team as we had been working on this for a year to 18 months,” Sleath says. “We have got a small group and will be recruiting into this.

“We are looking for data scientists. We want to use data better when we install centres and pilot a dozen or so warehouses and we want to put in sensors so we can capture data.”


There are some interesting developments in the US property world which are off Radar but happening on the OIP platform in which I have been involved. Overstocks Patrick Byrne has an operation called Medici Land, Why is that relevant, let me tell you. Web 3 will revolutionise Database hosting, Data Centres will not be required for the bulk of Data transfer which will be encrypted peer to peer. This is the key to understanding where to focus ones DATA base ambitions in the future. ( outside of the Surveillance Capitalism State, at least. )

Anyway, on such things, you will find that Medici Land ( Overstocks, Patrick Byrne) is way ahead of the curve and if the BIG DATA seduction is happening at SEGRO what is happening in Web 3 is highly relevant.

The centralised proprietary API accessed DataBase model is so Last Millenium, Money for old rope, I Say. The future is Distributed and individually devolved to each terminal input node. This has profound implications for Publishing and customer outreach and advertising. BIG Tech, Big Data and Prop Tech are both overrated and overvalued on the outmoded and outdated proprietary centralised database model, be warned! There are UBERS around every corner, and We Work’ lurking in every Balance sheet.

I give you,” Skills Matter, but so does Cashflow”.

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Here is the latest publically available Balance Sheet of the very useful, but for me neither fish nor foul Costar UK Limited. As with Uber one wonders whose lunch they, Costar Uk Limited, has designs upon. The US operation is quite distinct, Brokerage in the US is a rather different business to how things work in the UK Market. In the UK it seems that the US directors of Co Star think things will change, EG and Property Weeks are clearly taking different paths but it’s not only their Lunch that is at risk.

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Costar UK Limited, ‘an Uber of real estate data’?

Marcel Du Champs said, “it’s the Viewer that makes the Picture. ”

Allors! regardeur vous les tableaux, et tout alors pendrevous, votre Agencie?

En Garde!

Look Very Carefully It Might be your Lunch!

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Some Web 3 Stuff. Heres the Beef!







That’s a selection of some of the Work on Distributed platforms we have been doing things with at Tychastic Investments Group over the past 5 years.

We are an Internet of Things, Think & Do Tank. The kind of Tank that does not invade Poland, does not Steal your Data and sell it back to you at an inflated price. More of a Giant Aquarium than a Goldfish Bowl and certainly with a good attention span.

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Thank you for paying attention.

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