IMF INCONTINENCE + LAGARDE INCOMPETENCE = NASTY MESS: Just add conoronavirus for disaster

Australia is doing a Cyprus?

Energy Stocks are cheap cheap cheap.

A very interesting article. Energy is the real Global Currency and of course, Pipelines are the new Black, as with all ubiquitous supply inputs its the distribution system and Pipelines for Oil and Gas has been the Subtext of Geo Politics the past couple of decades certainly in Syria, Ukraine and Myanmar.

Pipe Line Wars?

At PMQ’s yesterday, Why did the SNP guy go all deep state on Syria? Was he doing the EU’s Bidding?

The Slog


Promotion based on the old pal’s act rarely solves anything. When disguised as gender-based ability, it is a recipe for global economic doom. 

‘….the International Monetary Fund is a diminished force and no longer has the firepower to act as the world’s lender of last resort in an emergency. A surge in offshore dollar lending – increasingly through opaque security markets – has exploded to $18 trillion and has overwhelmed the safety buffers of the existing financial architecture. The concern is that a continued surge in the value of the US dollar – potentially triggered by the coronavirus epidemic, or any other black swan catalyst – could bring this to a head….’

Such is the stark conclusion of fisco-financial commentator Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, having read the paper from a G20 task-force of leading currency experts under the aegis of The Robert Triffin International forum. 

Now let’s see….who was on watch at…

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