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Listening to Petebot is like hearing an Obama speech read by a beta version of Siri……/roaming-charges-leader-of-t…/

CT: Can you say something about the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests), Brexit and the Trump electoral phenomenon.

DR: Combine aggressive globalization, constant financial predation, gutting of the Western working and middle classes and a glib discourse of climate change, anti-racism and gender equity and something has to give. French geographer Christophe Guilluy predicted the reactions in some detail, and it is not difficult to understand. It is no accident that the revolting working- and middle-classes are critical of the narratives of climate crisis, anti-racism and gender equity; and that their voices are cast by the mainstream media as racist, misogynist and ignorant of science.

It seems that any class which opposes its own destruction is accused of being populated by racist and ignorant folks that can’t see that salvation lies in a carbon-managed and globalized world. It becomes imperative, therefore, to shut down all the venues where such an ‘ignorant lot’ could communicate their views, attempt to organize and thereby threaten the prevailing social order.

Sedders, Bojo and Dom, Menage a Trois or Threes a Crowd? The BBC’s inevitable Hit piece on Dominic Cummings. #ChaffersandBray


Meanwhile the Narratives against Saunders in the US and Cummings in the Uk are carefully crafted by StepfordAunty.

Bernie 2020 is a Stepford Bernie in my own opinion, in 2016’s primaries Sanders was certainly not in the tent, now I believe he is, I think he has been compromised the Main Tell is the Green New Deal which is Stalinism writ large on his part the flip side being the FAscism of Al Gore and his cronies. That Donald Trump has Railed against the Global Warming religion is for me a plus in his favour, that BoJo has been spouting it fervently is a bad sign.
On the 5G stuff, BAck doors aside the Very short wavelengths Micro Waves are bad for Human and other Mammals health.
Switzerland Halts 5G Rollout Due to Health Concerns, Widespread Public Opposition

Continuing to be the voice in the crowd querying the Emperors nakedness is the way to go, Still! Keep on keeping on Slog and Sloggers.


Author: rogerglewis Looking for a Job either in Sweden or UK. Freelance, startups, will turń my hand to anything.

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  1. rogerglewis on February 16, 2020 at 6:40 am said:
    CT: You discuss the need for states to ensure consent: the need to pacify, hypnotize and align populations for continued globalization; more precisely, the need to divert attention from the structural violence of economic policies and the actual violence of militarism. Can you say something about how the issue of global warming relates to this?

    DR: Irrespective of whether the so-called ‘climate crisis’ is real, exaggerated or fabricated, it is clear, from the data in my report, that the ethos of global warming was engineered on a global scale and benefits the exploiters of the carbon-economy and, more indirectly, the state.

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    on February 16, 2020 at 7:20 am said:
    Counterpunch is a doubtful source for valid information IMHO – I avoid it and worry when someone quotes it.

    on February 16, 2020 at 7:39 am said:
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    Hello Peter,
    I do not dismiss Tims Work I am a passionate advocate both for it and of it.
    I have a few minor quibbles with Tim regarding presenting of the underlying axioms of Seeds. Economic Prosperity and Surplus energy are Axiomatic my contention is that the Calculus of the Axioms should be calibrated in energy units and not monetary units.
    Dennis Rancourt is an academic whose work is widely quoted in the WikiSpooks Blog. I know the WikiSpooks people and their Work and that of Dennis is of a very high quality and from very able people, some in surprisingly influential positions others hailing from such establishment backgrounds, now retired.
    The Interview with Dennis is as set out on the page or screen Peter, the Source is irrelevant, the arguments are what one addresses and not the Per packaged prejudices of where they are published. Colin Todd Hunter ( The Interviewer) is a regular contributor to

    Heres the Same Article on Global Research, I think you linked to one of their articles yourself a few days back?

    on February 16, 2020 at 7:52 am said:
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    The “Democrats” are tied to global finance and push for a global carbon economy, and global “development”, in the image of their malicious interest. Their deep-state base is the CIA and they excel in media and entertainment-industry control.

    The “Republicans” are more tied to the USA domestic-energy sector (such as the exploded shale-oil economy), to the army, and to the armament industry. They are more nationalist in their power centre, more into the extraction and wage-slave-production industries in Latin America and Africa, via USA corporations, and have less use for the UN in their manipulations.
    Heres a starter for ten, Dennis’s second tectonic shift is in my own opinion off-target, As he raises the question My response is to seek out what he puts forward as evidence to support that view.
    Fast-forward to today: Two global tectonic shifts have and are occurring, which fundamentally threaten the USA/Western ruling elite, in that USA hegemony itself is challenged.

    The first global tectonic shift is the continuous rise of Eurasia, economically led by China, with strategic, diplomatic and organizational support from Russia. This coincides with Russian emergence in protecting its national interests in Syria and Venezuela, while offering military technology (S-400 air-defence missile system) that neutralizes USA air dominance, to Turkey and others.

    The second global tectonic shift is the increased global abundance of easily extractable fossil-fuel reserves. It turns out that shale-oil is everywhere, as is natural gas; and Chinese coal, not counting secure imports,[8] is plentiful enough to power China, using modern centralized generation and transformation stations, for decades. There is oil and gas in Venezuela, Russia, Syria, Iran… Canada, USA… more places than can easily be controlled to starve competitors, to ensure high prices for preferred producers, and to keep the petro-dollar alive.[6]

    rogerglewis on February 16, 2020 at 8:14 am said:
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  2. roger lewis on February 16, 2020 at 8:14 am said:
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    on February 16, 2020 at 8:31 am said:
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    Tectonic Shifts Unnerve Both Factions of the USA Ruling Elite
    My latest social analysis article, published at Dissident Voice:

  3. Second, the very principle of foreign investment works its magic:[20]
    “—The broader social impact of NAFTA is captured by Ken Traynor of the Canadian
    Environment Law Association who comments, “The old issue of who gets what even
    when overall ‘economic efficiency’ may have been enhanced is worth examining.
    Consider moving brassière manufacture from Cambridge, Ontario to Juárez on the
    Mexican border. $8 per hour wages paid to women in Cambridge to produce brassieres
    sold for $20…gets spent in the immediate vicinity of their homes, gets taxed and the firm
    generates local municipal taxes too. With NAFTA and a shift of production to the
    maquilas, only $2 of the $64 per day wages saved goes to the women in Mexico and
    almost none of the municipal and other taxes are paid in Mexico. The $62 per day per
    worker gets reallocated to Exxon for fuel to ship things around, to road transport
    companies, to brokers, and to the company itself and the spending circle of these guys
    is very different than that of the women displaced. And where the money circulates does
    matter,” Traynor concludes, “especially to the women in this example.”—” (at p. 55)
    The said magic was well understood by all the great classic economic theorists of the industrial
    era but has been turned on its head in the false logic of post-Bretton-Woods finance
    globalization, and with a vengeance in post-Soviet-Union globalization.[29]
    Indeed, the said vengeance is also seen in the other important emergent feature in the new
    globalization of the post-Soviet-Union era, which is the following.
    The USA predation is no longer solely based on the wealth-extraction conveyer belt of printing
    the imposed world currency. In addition, the large USA banks (Wall Street) have bought the
    Democratic Party outright and (in addition to their muscle in the USA system) have thereby
    acquired free reign to create money for themselves by scamming, and fixing and gaming the
    system, while being bailed out when the most daring mega-hustles fail, such as in 2008.[29]
    OCLA Report 2019-1 19/77

  4. Throughout all of this, it is important to keep in mind that the USA privilege of being the printer
    of the global currency is and remains the mechanistic backbone of the global empire, ever since
    the 1971 end of the Bretton Woods system. The US dollar retains its status via international
    demand for the US dollar, which, in turn, comes from USA control of the main commodities that
    have the greatest global demand and the highest prices in US dollars. These dollar-boosting
    “commodities” include: oil and gas, opium, financial debts of nations (serviced in US dollars),
    US-dollar currency choice to secure savings and investments, and USA military hardware.
    Recently, the USA is proposing exorbitant rent extraction (in US dollars) for its globally
    distributed military bases.[71]
    Oil and gas are tricky, because Russia, Venezuela, China… have oil, gas, coal… and because
    the USA domestic energy sector (shale) is developing, causing a glut, lower energy prices, and
    less demand for the US dollar. Whereas a high price of oil helps USA shale, it also helps global
    opponents Venezuela, Iran and Russia. One “solution” is military or financial (“sanctions”-
    based) destruction of all energy-producing centers that the USA does not control, which may be
    present USA strategy?
    In all of this, the Western middle and professional classes must consent (by agreement or
    inaction), be wilfully blind to what is actually going on, and keep “hope” in their politicians and
    the future. The next sections describe the vast social engineering campaigns that were created
    following the fall of the Soviet Union. It is not generally appreciated that these campaigns were
    OCLA Report 2019-1 35/77
    massively organized and implemented immediately following the fall of the Soviet Union. The
    said campaigns installed a primacy of select social concerns, thus masking the actual cultural
    and social-class restructuring, for those influential classes that can afford the illusion. Selected,
    siloed and constructed social concerns were: gender equity, anti-racism, and global

  5. This, in our opinion, is the process of how the global-warming “religion” was born. Like any
    proper religion of an empire, it must be taxable, exploitable by a large layered array of power
    players, and useful in motivating massive restructuring campaigns. The alleged danger must be
    gigantic, involving humanity and the planet itself, in order to focus attention, and for personal
    investment in the religion to be rewarding.
    The following section presents data showing that the current global warming ethos was
    artificially created following the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, and later exploited by global
    financiers in the mid-2000s to create carbon trading and a carbon economy.
    If there is any doubt of the potential for the global warming paradigm to in-effect be a State
    “religion”, even justifying war, the words of Noam Chomsky, spoken in 1994 to 1996 and 1999,
    merit being noted:[73]
    “—For example, suppose it was discovered tomorrow that the greenhouse effect has
    been way underestimated, and that the catastrophic effects are actually going to set in
    10 years from now, and not 100 years from now or something. Well, given the state of
    the popular movements we have today, we’d probably have a fascist takeover—with
    everybody agreeing to it, because that would be the only method for survival that anyone
    could think of. I’d even agree to it, because there just are no other alternatives around
    right now.—”
    Following the global-warming section, further sections will present similar data regarding gender
    equity and anti-racism, as state ideologies. If the reader finds it difficult to consider that ideology
    related to gender and anti-racism can be a surrogate State religion, then we invite them to note
    how Russia has in recent years expressly motivated developing policy, ratifying national
    statutes, and lobbying the United Nations, to enshrine “family values” and gender-role
    OCLA Report 2019-1 37/77
    preservation, as questions of sovereignty, national security, and societal stability. It is
    interesting that, among others, Western gender-studies academics are pointing this out
    regarding Russia.[74]

    Prof. Victor Efimov – Lecture for FSB about New World Order (02/25/2003) ENGLISH SUBS!
    The main sources that will allow to double GDP are industry, agriculture and the real sector of
    production of commodities as well as services. It is high time that we crushed the murderous bank
    usury practicies and bring about taxation-and compensatory machinery of market regulation, which
    will provide the balanced development of all the sectors of the national economy; eliminate any inter-industry disproportions in prices and investments. It is time we tore the mask of the myth that
    insists the market by itself is all-mighty and omnipotent. Unregulated market will inevitably be adjusting itself to maximum profits, which leads to booming usury, porno-business, drug business,
    favoring alcohol and tobacco producers, which destroy the statehood. Well-being and prosperity
    should be determined by labour itself, and not by which industry one belongs to.
    Victor Efimov
    newspaper “Chas pik”, May 6, 2004

    In Quest of National Idea:
    “Energy Ruble” Bound To Be the Hardest Currency

    Take-home points are as follows:
    • The Bretton Woods period (1945 to 1971) had regulated trade balances, regulated
    currency exchange, and a US dollar limited by being tied to gold. It was designed to
    develop the USA-led capitalist-block nations, against the communist bloc. It produced
    social-class-shared development and exhilarating social, cultural, engineering, and
    scientific advances. It worked too well. Japan, Western Europe and participating nations
    developed too much. The USA ended the Bretton Woods agreement in 1971 and started
    the first modern era of predatory globalization, with a second wave following the 1991
    dissolution of the Soviet Union.
    • “Globalization” is a euphemism for Western USA-led economic predation of countries in
    the so-called developing world, of the global under-classes as resources themselves,
    and of the Western USA-allied nations to the extent tolerable. From the USA
    perspective, the world is its plantation.
    • The main administrative instrument for sustained global USA economic pillaging is the
    monetary instrument of the unbounded and USA-controlled US dollar as global currency.
    The said monetary instrument is essentially a conveyor belt for the continuous transfer of
    actual wealth and resources from the world to the USA system.
    OCLA Report 2019-1 64/77
    • Arguably, the main global concern of the USA, in addition to the classic geopolitical landmass-resource and trade-route considerations, is to enforce and ensure, in tandem, the
    US dollar as the global currency.
    • Enforcing the US dollar’s status as the global currency includes covert and overt regimechange coups and wars — against administrations vying for currency sovereignty
    (sovereignty) — and economic and trade blockades, whereas “ensuring” the US dollar’s
    status involves controlling major “commodities” to be purchased in US dollars, thus
    securing demand for the US dollar.
    • The US-dollar-ensuring “commodities” to be controlled include: energy, opioid drugs,
    national debts of debtor nations (excluding the USA), monetary savings of the world elite
    (legally or illegally acquired), and USA military hardware and military bases (“protection”)
    imposed on allied nations at exorbitant prices; and extend into the always developing
    globalized markets of pharmaceuticals (vaccines, etc.), GMO patented crops, and
    proprietary high technology (5G, etc.).
    • Basically, the modus operandi of the USA Empire has been: any localized world mineral
    or essential resource of global importance will be controlled, through whatever means
    (military occupation, destruction of capacity, blockade, puppet regime…).
    • Globalization is progressive and has occurred in bursts that define globalization eras.
    The first era was the post-Bretton-Woods era (1971-1991), starting when the US dollar
    was decoupled from gold.
    • End results of the post-Bretton-Woods era were: the systematic relative loss of middleclass economic status, and palpable social misery in the West, such as the emergence
    of urban homelessness in the 1980s, associated with a predictable major Western
    recession (1982 crash, from Third World debt defaults that were written down via Brady
    • The second globalization era started immediately after the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union.
    It was a period of extended and accelerated globalization. The close targets were
    traditional USA-allied markets: Canada and Mexico (NAFTA), and Europe (megamergers). Europe somewhat resisted by forming the European economic union.
    Investment returns went into the stratosphere, as did CEO salaries. The USA industrial
    working class was decimated. China was brought into the capitalist orbit. The
    “deplorables versus bobos-and-elites” divide was created, as a major socio-geographic
    consequence in the West.
    • Measured human consequences synchronous with the post-1991 acceleration of
    globalization, mainly affecting the lower-income classes, in the West, include: loss of
    welfare safety net, increase of number of single-parent families, threefold increase in
    rate of confrontational litigation in the courts, between parents and between individuals
    and with the state (“crisis in access to justice”), increased low-income household basicneed incidence (housing, health, safety, work, finance), increased rates of both suicide
    and suicide attempt, increased rate of opioid overdose (preceding the opioid epidemic of
    the 2010s), and increased rates of chronic asthma emergencies, and asthma
    prevalence, in both children and adults.
    • Increased leniency in food and drug regulation, and a dramatic increase in the global
    use of the herbicide glyphosate starting in 1993 in the USA, were concurrent with post1991 upsurges of diseases and chronic ailments: death from intestinal infections;
    incidence of thyroid cancer; death from Parkinson’s disease; prevalence of diabetes;
    autism in children of different age groups; and phobia, anxiety disorder, panic disorder.
    • The mid-2000s saw Wall Street and the major USA Banks take a more leading role in
    globalization, one that is eclipsing the traditional global economic instruments that are
    the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The USA’s so-called subprime
    OCLA Report 2019-1 65/77
    mortgage crisis, the 2008 crash, the mega-bailouts… are symptoms. The monkeys are
    demanding and being allowed more run of the zoo, in which all of the play is in US
    • The large acceleration and expansion of globalization occurring immediately after the
    1991 fall of the Soviet Union is not generally recognized as having been a USA
    response to the said fall, but it should be recognized as such. There was a large
    acceleration of globalization, both structural and in terms of extension and volume, and
    there can be little doubt that it was a response to the newly apparent geopolitical and
    ideological fracture.
    • At the same time, in express response to the end of the Cold War, the UN undertook an
    unprecedented flurry of highly mediatized world conferences. Most notably, the UN
    advanced new paradigms of global concern that can be categorized as “climate change”,
    “gender-equity”, and “anti-racism”; and put in place declarations and plans to
    institutionalize and legalize these new paradigms of global concern.
    • The said new paradigms of global concern are siloed and sanitized concerns, in-effect
    devoid of social-class, development-disparity, exploitation-structure and nationsovereignty practical dimensions. They became global and state “religions” to pacify,
    hypnotize, and align populations for continued globalization, including the first steps
    towards a global carbon economy (with carbon traded in US dollars).
    • The government, scientific, academic, education, NGO, and media sectors embraced
    and promoted the new paradigms of global concern. All globally-controlled corporations
    greened and equified. There could never be enough climate change prevention, gender
    equity, or racial social justice; and all problems and risks were due to deficits in climate
    change prevention, gender equity, and racial social justice.
    • A social-justice education industry developed, based on newly-minted “critical race
    theory”, which transformed old-fashioned political analysis of exploitative power relations
    into awareness of “intersectionality”, and old-fashioned political analysis of social
    coalition formation into recognition of white privilege and the unjust burden of being
    • The UN had explicitly called for criminalization (“penal measures”) of “all forms and
    manifestations of racism, xenophobia or related intolerance”, and this elite-instigated
    desire was made reality with codes of conduct, vast internet censorship, hate-speech
    prosecutions, exploding defamation litigation threats, and arrays of sanctions against
    unapproved political views.
    • The only effective resistance against globalization in the West has become the recent
    electoral and demonstrative revolts related to the Brexit vote, the Trump electoral victory,
    and the Gilets jaunes movement, all newly understood as the class conflict between the
    deplorables and the bobos-and-elites, between the sedentary rural inhabitants (the
    “somewheres”) and the globalist urbanites (the “anywheres”).
    • Thus, it is no accident that the deplorables express their particular multi-faceted array of
    complaints from needed economic revitalization of the rural nation, to rejection of carbon
    taxation, to repudiation of the gender-equity and anti-racism programs, including
    censorship and political correctness.
    Denis Rancourt is a Researcher at the Ontario Civil Liberties Association since 2015. He is a
    former Full Professor of Physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

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