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Great Piece John. This was very good I thought in the Off Guardian yesterday. https://off-guardian.org/2020/03/02/why-the-coming-economic-collapse-will-not-be-caused-by-corona-virus/
Something of The Dance of the Seven Veils in all of this.



All of the Levers are at full throttle at the moment For the financial ones David Malones Liars Lexicon is an invaluable crib sheet


The Slog

DSCN0276Recently, I posted on the subject of Murdoch’s vendetta against the BoJo/Cummings régime in Downing Street as the next stage in his desire to crush the BBC, and finally dominate Britain’s media output at all TV, radio, tabloid and online levels. Over the last 48 hours, the News International Blitzkrieg tank has engaged fifth gear. Whether it will reach Warp Factor is yet to be seen; but its news balance is as warped as ever.

The attack began at dawn yesterday with a Sunday Times opinion piece so preposterous, I began to wonder if I’d lost 25 days and beamed forward to April 1st. It was, if you can imagine such a thing, written by Alastair Campbell…..proffering advice to Dominic Cummings about nastiness towards nice little officials just doing their job. It was breathtaking in its hypocrisy, and involved so much defensive throat-clearing on his own behalf, one felt perhaps…

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