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I had given up, but faith restored in free speech etc. The problem started after I posted a Video of Bjorn Lomberg the Skeptical Environmentalist of Coolit fame. Wrong Kind of Green posted this video yesterday.


There fixed it.

This article of theirs appears further up this or in a previous thread.


There is something of the Dr Strangeloves about Von Der Leyen.

This Climate Realism Report is very good. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/63108553/there-is-no-climate-emergency


This effort to Listen to the Scientists is rather a poor effort I thought.

This is I think a far more measured presentation with some actual Science. Its in German but the subtitle auto translate works, Click the Wheel bottom right and change language to your preferred language.

Here is the Lomberg Video again

And finally What is the problem we are trying to solve. Defined by a former Director of the world bank.

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