Still No Fat Ladies Singing On Wall Street

In the economic decline of any civilization, political elites routinely call on a very limited playbook: more debt, more regulation, more restriction on freedoms, more debasement of the currency, more taxation, and more insidious enforcement.

The etymology of the Word Farmer is most interesting. Feudalism, Serfdom etc…

Truth is difficult but essential...

Another excellent article by John Ward. In my view, the beginning of the end was the bailout of the financial system in 2008/9, followed by no significant changes to this system, except effectively loosening regulations.

For over 20 years it has been astonishing to see the current financial system be propped up by the confiscation of wealth from ninety seven percent of the population.

But, the current Central Banking system of wealth distribution, from us to the three percent, or less, who are at the top of the wealth curve, is breaking down.

This has been discussed by eminently sensible people for twenty years. The view by these dissidents has always been the longer the system is artificially kept alive, the worse will be the effects of the inevitable reset.

There are are chorus of these Central Banking dissidents claiming the end of the system is now imminent. Why now?…

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