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Kennedy co-hosts Ring of Fire, a nationally syndicated American radio program, and has written or edited ten books, including two New York Times bestsellers.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
He is a prominent anti-vaccine activist and believes in pseudoscientific speculation of a link between autism and vaccines.[4][5]

From 2003 to 2010, Charlton was the solo-editor of the journal Medical Hypotheses, published by Elsevier.[5] After HIV/AIDS denier Peter Duesberg published a paper in Medical Hypothesis arguing that “there is as yet no proof that HIV causes AIDS”, the journal came under fire for its lack of peer review. The paper was withdrawn from the journal citing concerns over the paper’s quality and “that [it] could potentially be damaging to global public health.” Elsevier consequently revamped the journal to introduce peer review, firing Charlton from his position as editor, due to his resistance of these changes.[6]

At October 2012, a worldwide campaign including 198 researchers published a critical paper defending Charlton and the idea of editorial review.[7]

the State Bank=a bureaucratic paper game. There is the truth for you. #FourHorsemen #CronyCapitalistVirus2020 “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”, nihil sub sole novum. @davidgraeber @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby


Addicted to Distracted By Bruce Charlton Makes for compelling if Uncomfortable reading.
It will offend most readers but he has a very good point, I do not share his pessimism but the rest is hard to argue with.
“People and events presented by the media as Good are always in reality bad; and people or events presented by the media as bad are usually (but not always) Good – and when bad people or events are not presented as Good, then they are condemned as bad for the wrong reasons.
Also, if genuinely Good things happen to be presented as Good by the Mass Media; then it will invariably be the case that they also are said to be Good for the wrong reasons.
Thus, the major output of the modern international Mass Media consists of only four categories:
1. Good presented as bad
2. Bad presented as Good
(That is to say simple inversion)
3. Good presented as Good for a bad reason
4. Bad presented as bad for a bad reason
(That is to say explanatory inversion)
These four categories, which can be summarized as either simple or explanatory inversion, account for all sustained and high impact modern major Mass Media stories without any exceptions.
Therefore those who want to free their minds from the Mass Media must first avoid as much Mass Media output as possible, and secondly develop automatic negativistic behaviour towards the Mass Media output which they cannot avoid”.
When I was five, I had a friend who would “be the judge” to whatever game we were playing and whenever I started to win, she would judge that I was actually not winning. I stopped playing with her.

Progressives are correct that the Dems will never stop fucking them over if they keep unconditionally supporting that party. But what many of them fail to take into account is that the Dems will also keep fucking them over if they don’t support the party. Because they’re fine with losing.

Progressives assume that they have negotiating power because they assume, wrongly, that the Democratic Party exists to win elections. It doesn’t. The Democratic Party exists, first and foremost, to sabotage the left.

A Democratic Party leader retains their status and donors regardless of who wins an election. But if the left ever succeeded in taking over the party and implementing anti-oligarchic policies, that would end. Given this, who do you think party leaders perceive as the real threat?

“TINA” and the Left Right Thing. ‘COWBOY WIRING’ no Polarity.


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  1. rogerglewis
    Hi, St Aug, Charlton’s stuff is free to download, It is not perfect nothing ever is. Looking at the separate arguments that people make rather than the ideology of the writer is a good practice I think, and one that is increaSINGLY Rare.
    An example of Writers such as Charlton in the Past would be, say, Ezra Pound and his ABC of economics. Now Pound was a Fascist, that does not though diminish the criticism of debt based money and the Gold Standard, set out in his ABC of economics. I would argue the Same applies to Charlton, but also to Adolph Hitler and Mein Kamph. I have read all three, they provide insights to particular and peculiar world views but provide a perspective on events which the Orthodox Historical narrative obscure. Frank Harris is another writer worth reading, he was a friend and biographer of Oscar Wilde, yet his book, England or Germany a critique of social relations in the the UK , USA and Germany in the run-up to the First world war is a perspective you will not find in any standard History Text,
    Kant contrasts “apodictic” with “problematic” and “assertoric” in the Critique of Pure Reason, on page A70/B95. . These matters are to do with what we know as truth in the world which is sometimes called reality. Some commentators have been arguing a ´Post-Truth´ turn in the news this is a logical error in reasoning for as Frank Harris says in England or Germany, p.144 ( https://archive.org/stream/englandorgerman01harrgoog/englandorgerman01harrgoog_djvu.txt)
    ´´Genius welcomes criticism; the more the
    merrier, the higher the better. “Come look
    what I’m doing´´, it cries fearlessly, knowing
    that truth must help it and that in an open
    struggle between truth and falsehood, truth has
    nothing to fear. ´´
    The same goes for Tragedy and Hope by Caroll Quigley, he was writing from the perspective of an elitist and yet manages to provide the core of most of the John Bircher type narratives in Skousen and Alex Jones´s world views,
    ”The reader of Pope, as of every author, is advised to begin by letting him say what he has to say, in his own manner to an open mind that seeks only to receive the impressions which the writer wishes to convey. First let the mind and spirit of the writer come into free, full contact with the mind and spirit of the reader, whose attitude at the first reading should be simply receptive. Such reading is the condition precedent to all true judgment of a writer’s work. All criticism that is not so grounded spreads as fog over a poet’s page. Read, reader, for yourself, without once pausing to remember what you have been told to think´´.
    Henry Morley.
    the idea before it was clothed in words
    heard in minds, as uttered thought
    the communication of arranged ideas
    Thoughts lifting mist from the poet´s page.
    To set the stage, not in the round
    but, to see the scene in the sphere
    Which actors will the playwright lay
    on the page´s narrative to steer.
    Quiggleys words.p.232 tragedy and Hope.
    ´´but criticism should have been directed rather at the hypocrisy and lack
    of realism in the ideals of the wartime propaganda and at the lack of honesty of the chief negotiators in carrying on the pretense that these ideals were still in effect while they violated them daily, and necessarily violated them. The settlements were clearly made by secret negotiations, by the Great Powers exclusively, and by power politics. They had to be. No settlements could ever have been made on any other bases. The failure of the chief negotiators (at least the Anglo-Americans) to admit this is regrettable, but behind their
    reluctance to admit it is the even more regrettable fact that the lack of political experience and political education of the American and English electorates made it dangerous for the negotiators to admit the facts of life in international political relationships.”
    Foucault. the episteme.
    ´´would define the episteme retrospectively as the strategic apparatus which permits of separating out from among all the statements which are possible those that will be
    acceptable within, I won’t say a scientific theory, but a field of scientificity, and which it is possible to say are true or false. The episteme is the ‘apparatus’ which makes possible the separation, not of the true from the false, but of what may from what may not be characterised as
    scientific.”[1] Michel Foucault.
    the Pragmatist in me inspired by C S Pierce my favourite modern philosopher and one of the finest logicians that have come down to us says this.
    reason well …. it is absolutely necessary to possess … such virtues
    as intellectual honesty and sincerity a
    nd a real love of truth (2.82). The cause [of the success of scientific
    inquirers] has been that the motive which has carried them
    to the laboratory and the field has been a craving to
    know how things really were … (1-34).
    [Genuine inquiry consists I in diligent inquiry into truth for truth’s sake
    (1.44), … in actually drawing the bow upon truth with in
    tentness in the eye, with energy in the arm (1.235).
    [When] it is no longer the reasoning which determines wh
    at the conclusion shall be, but … the conclusion which
    determines what the reasoning shall be … this is sham
    reasoning…. The effect of this shamming is that men
    come to look upon reasoning as mainly decorative….
    Just my 5 penneth worth. But read widely and drink deeply of the pool of all knowledge. Judging a book by its cover was always an overrated past time in my opinion.

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