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“Remember that we sometimes demand explanations for the sake not of their content, but of their form. Our requirement is an architectural one; the explanation a kind of sham corbel that supports nothing.”
― Ludwig WittgensteinPhilosophical Investigations
“What is your aim in Philosophy?”
“To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle”
― Ludwig WittgensteinPhilosophical Investigations

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#JeSuisBourgoiseBlancHomme #ConquestofDough. Je Suis Bourgoise Blanc Homme. Stay Safe online and on the streets. #OccupyTheEuropeanSpring
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At Times Like These. Epictetus or Wittgenstien. #CovidPurpose #ConquestofDough #TheRoadtoSerfdom nihil sub sole novum. @davidgraeber @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 #DebtBomb @DominicFrisby

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