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Feudal Japan Edo and the US Empire

Hiroyuki Hamada

At 72.05


here Prof Victor Etimove describes how we find ourselves Divided between two Lies. In the Broadest Philosophical context that is the Aristotelian Lie on the one Hand and the Platonic Lie on the Other.
Well described by Alex Thompson in this Lecture.

In his Essay Relativistic Dialectics Georges Metanomski On the 50’th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz . Said this,
“According to the Jewish law is Jew who has a Jewish mother, or who has been converted by a Jewish rabbin. However, in order to be sure that my mother is Jewish, I have to ascertain that she had herself a Jewish mother, or had been converted by a Jewish rabbin. The same holds of course for the converting rabbin. A clear case of a vicious circle.

Consequently, the absolute concept “Jew” is empty and, as such, may get any arbitrary meaning. Heidrich understood it perfectly when he declared: “Wer Jude ist, entscheide ich” – “It’s me who decides who is a Jew”.
It is but a short step now to “I was only following Orders” The testing Regime and Inoculation regime to come will determine “Who is Clean” and the new Commisars of propaganda will declare “It is I who will decide who is Immune”
This last point relates to the number of False positives in the test for “Covid19” Coronaviruses are ubiquitous in the body and similar to testing for Hiv there are many false positives and the “other factors” such as diagnosing based upon Symptoms are a clue to the Linguistic Kafkaesque summersaults being put in place here.
14.07 in this film positively false makes the point.


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