And the People Played the Trump Card. @realDonaldTrump


And the People Played the Trump Card.

In 2016 the cards were dealt

the odds were stacked

deplorables attacked

Still the people called.


The stakes were raised

and the limits high

Still as fakers  sigh

Still the people called


who delivered this plague

which traitorous poison

delivered deaths blow

Still the people Called


The Trump Card turns

Keeper of the hope

bringer of liberty

The people had the Trump Card.


The people went all in

The people Called see you

The fakers hand, a bluff

Trump the peoples winning Call.


For President Trump, who History will Judge with Admiration.

A president for all Seasons and not a fair weather freind.




Author: rogerglewis Looking for a Job either in Sweden or UK. Freelance, startups, will turń my hand to anything.