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Currents of the tides, Time and the nature of things, pass.

Göring the Organ-Grinder  and  Heidegger the Monkey. Jud Evans Cartoons Here.(see Purple Link)
Göring the Organ-Grinder  and  Heidegger the Monkey. Jud Evans Cartoons Here.(see Purple Link)
This post is about rediscovering old sources, a thing called the Web Archive, I was delighted to have it recommended regarding a site which used to make me laugh, a satire site on Capitalism and the necessity for debt in modern political economy.
The site was called The Melt Fund, and the site now, is again, sort of resurrected.
Here it is maybe it will make you Laugh or perhaps like others it will make you angry.
Other ghosts of christmas past are some long lost business Web sites. One in particular which I was very proud of at the time and still am in fact. Rarely do we have the chance to look back and see where we did something ahead of its time and I genuinely belive the East14.Com project, its conception and also its excecution was ahead of its time. The web site is still remarkably fresh.
Well see for your self.
From the Career siide of things heres my old consultancy firm web site from 2000 as well.
And from my brief life as Lord of the manor you might find this web site
of some passing interest.

But the jewell of this new found time machine is the discovery of the collected philisophical reference source and various formal and informal writing of the great

eliminativist Philosopher and Linguist Jud Evans. Jud and I were correspondents by e mail and interlocuters here on Linked in in the now defunct philosophy group.

When Jud died in 2013 I made two blog posts in his memory both are updated in my Blogg here.

(9th August 2016) on discovering an internet archive of Juds evans-experientialism web site(Link at end of Quote from Juds Essay Requiem.Jud I thought had gone but on discovering the eternal archive of Evans Experienalism he tells me he and his late first wife are still sitting on a bench half-way up 4000 steps in Minori, Amalfi.


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