On COVID-19 in the post-Fordist structural green economic reality. Protecting frontline first responders and thought leader pedagogic approaches to reflexive anti-authority denialism. #XRC19Rebellion @CATHERINEBADIN @FINANCIALEYES @JOEBLOB20 #COVIDPURPOSE @CLARKEMICAH #CONQUESTOFDOUGH @WIKI_BALLOT @LUKEWRIGHTPOET



On Covid 19 in the post fordist structural green economic reality. Protecting frontline

first responders and thought leader pedagogic approaches to reflexive anti-authority denialism.

1. Introduction.

Given the WHO dialectic consensus on compulsory vaccination and Dr. Fauci’s commentary on the need to observe and incubate a polypeptide hypothesis at all times

It should still be possible to extinguish the things that can shatter us, but not without choice on our side.

In this paper, we propose a methodology by which thought leaders and their followers should navigate this existential grid? The responsibility of your world citizenship demands four-dimensional superstructural systems of multivariate linguistic empathy, guiding differently-abled thought resistors to Hear, if not see and to realize whilst not comprehending our Insightful collective responses.

Our friends from environmental struggles in the XR resistance to Climate criminality and deep denialist alt-rightist misinformants are employing seamlessly right-shore professional functionalities to appropriately envisioneer value-added outsourcing against the new Viral challenges posed in this new Covid 19 crisis. Our values and struggles co-resonate and correspond. Within our nexus, we can strive for continuous integration and re-integration of our Joint common purpose.

The complexity of the present times seems to demand an awakening of our dreams if we are going to survive. Where there is desire Karma can not thrive!

2. The Challenge.

We are confronted with a symbiotic complex nexus of finely grained multi disciplinary challenges in which the Wisdom of out Experts , unsung and toiling, It is to these our colleagues we must demure and listen closely and quietly whilst never fully grasping fully the depths to which their own understanding We humbly respect their authority in expertise dispensed by their embracing of robust paradigms we all must embrace.

3. Our Mission.

These truths we take to heart. In all our experience, people who go through that process should not return to denial, and will not stay in the span, for this they end up in a spirit of cherishing what they have, and cherishing their loved ones, cherishing a walk in nature, and being …and cherishing the opportunity to be open and honest about all our right feelings and how you see the world and stop pretending that what is visited upon us now is not through our own negligent resistance to a deep adaptation to the latest Data impacting upon our resistance to very real impacts of the highly likely degree of causation consistent with the catastrophic impacts of normative binary gendered prejudice.

4. Key Questions

three key questions tell us it’s because, also, we want to not say there are simple answers here because

we’re not in control anymore. that’s the key thing and we will act without knowing really whether we’re going to be successful in this very uncertain time.

4.1. What is it that we most value which we want to keep there’s a question of really going deep into what? not just trying to keep things as they are.

4.2. What is it that we must let go of or we all make matters worse. We call that “relinquishment”.

4.3. what have we lost over the last decades in our hydrocarbon-fueled fantasy civilization which we could bring back to help, a great restoration in a post-social distancing paradigm shift.

5. How our world view informs.

Rather than being set on their worldview and proving themselves right, because they are scared of the uncertainty that we all ourselves caused , we can by setting people in their correct orbits of zonal comfort ensure acquisition of herd immunity through inoculation against Covid19. Importantly other societal delusions of running ahead of actual ability to think and act in their own best interests.

As Dr. Bendell notes, “there will be a tendency to want to reject his conclusions in Deep Adaptation since to accept them is so life changing in its repercussions. [Rated PG-13] For those who want a visual summary of the science behind Deep Adaptation, first watch

Reality is quite a complex affair. We hold that we might achieve some measure of what is energetically referred to as ‘redemption’ if we (individually and collectively) were to ‘repent’ of our wasteful, abusive ways. We ‘quote’ those words since we don’t want them to evoke the standard religious interpretations. We use them more in the sense of morally and energetically re-balancing our psyches in harmony with the natural world.

6. Embrace the death of your inner foetus.

David Ross Dale talks about birth as the alpha archetype of bereavement and it’s a very interesting paper in which he suggests that the process of the fetus developing within the womb where there are unlimited resources is an ascent analogous to the situation we find ourselves in.

 as humans, we’ve enjoyed the sense of and..

of finite resources. We’re now coming to that point, which is rather like birth in a sense, whereby the resources are being eroded.

They’re becoming evermore, ever harder, to access and we’re actually approaching something which is in a sense like a kind of birth.

Except in our case It’s going to be a death, and I think that’s a very powerful way of thinking about what is actually happening. It’s a very powerful metaphor for what’s happening to us at the moment.

7. ‘Deep adaptation’

This is the only approach that is acceptable to thinking correctly about the settled science consensus on this exististential self inflicted plague of Covid19. This is is an approach that talks about

resilience, relinquishment, and restoration.

Jem Bendell’s work presciently showed us that by

openly indicating that collapse is inevitable.Near-term collapse is inevitable, and upon us therefore, what he’s talking about the kinds of strategies that we need to implement and think about to adapt and to be prepared for that it is an intellectually credible point of view to say that we are going extinct. To say it’s inevitable is very, very, very questionable.”(1)

8. Covid 19 and You. ( Dealing with your guilt.)

That you are born unclean and die unclean is to be accepted should you be Covid19 positive the energy inherent in that diagnosis requires exploration. Manna is the growth of power and of us.


The grid has entered a tipping point . This quest never ends. We must learn how to live pranic lives in the face of materialism. Where there is dogma , joy can not thrive. Pain is the antithesis of aspiration. Yes, it is possible to shatter the things that can disrupt us, but not without karma on our side.

Reality has always been overflowing with messengers like Dr Bendel and Dr Fauci and Dr read and Thought leaders such as Hallam, and Greta these are auras enveloped in stardust. Who are we? And they are us for us and with us and now it is time to step up and be us as they have shown us by their sacrifice and pain.

Here at the tipping point the Covid19 moment we all should feel the hand of fate upon our shoulders whilst never submitting to cheap soundbites or trite aphoria of the sort in common currency among the denialist tendency. Our priorities should be their priorities and our concerns for them should be they’re concerns for each other. A future mystical ennobling of peace. It is time to take the Flow to the next level. Eons from now, we warriors of Viral fortuitousness will be guided like never before in the nexus of wisdom in our Supra Global universal deliverance by our institutions of good and strength. The Who’s and UNGAS the Philanthropic foundations and thought collectives to guide our elective representatives and furnish them with wise directives for all to unquestioningly follow obediently.

9.Trust and Believe in the scientific Consensus.

With 75 % certainty correlated positive composition of the 99% Consensus as to, Lockdown, innoculation, vaccination and the efficacy of the innate yeast hypothesis Dr Fauci is confident that on the basis of micro-scale DNA physiology , chronic potential-dependent tolerance, unequal molecular ATPase , there can be no question of any 5G implications of serious consideration.

Aggregate bacterial selectivity, a long history of combating , HIV, Holocaust, Climate , and multivariate conspiracy theory denial-ism. Snopes and more diligent big tech monitoring should innoculate vulnerable and fearfull minds from un-official and incredible facts inconsistent with the consensus narrative. Always accounting for the ubiquitous energetic plasticity of expert opinion as analysed by Tetlock, Pope, and Monty Python.

10. Conclusion

Throughout this article we’ve made imprecise statements and statements that ought to have had all sorts of qualifications and reservations attached to them; and some of our statements may be flatly false. Lack of sufficient information and the need for brevity made it impossible for us to formulate our assertions more precisely or add all the necessary qualifications. And of course in a discussion of this kind one must rely heavily on intuitive judgment, and that can sometimes be wrong. So we don’t claim that this article expresses more than a crude approximation to the truth.



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