To see the World in a Grain of sand. From Liebnitz and Spinoza to Blake and Paine to Burroughs and Huxley. To the New Grub Street Scribellarians od Pope. Egregor Majiks the Maji of Covid 19 Gates and Fauci. The Egregor Majik Matrix of Occult Totalitarian Feudalism. #CovidPurpose THE OLIGARCHICAL VIRUS #PLATONOVIDVIRUS666 #ARISTOTOLILLIADOVIRUS33 #CRONYCAPITALISTVIRUS2020 A 9/11 EVENT.@WIKI_BALLOT @FINANCIALEYES #IABATO #SAM @JOEBLOB20


Blake in an Age of Paine

“Paine is either a Devil or an Inspired man.”

“…the Holy Ghost who in Paine strives with Christendom as in Christ he strove with the Jews.”

“Is it a greater miracle to feed five thousand men with five loaves than to overthrow all the armies of Europe with a small pamphlet?”

“Christ died an unbeliever and if the Bishops had their way so would Paine.”

Those are quotes of William Blake writing about Thomas Paine. Blake didn’t agree with Paine’s deism. But his writings show he was quite familiar with Paine’s work and saw their influence in a positive light.

Although the story of Blake warning Paine of impending arrest might not be true, they were part of the same social circle. Still, some like to imagine what an encounter between them might have been like — here is the play In Lambeth by Jack Shepherd:

Blake: Prophet Against Empire
by David V. Erdman

Blake’s Margins: An Interpretive Study of the Annotations
by Hazard Adams

Ideology and Utopia in the Poetry of William Blake
by Nicholas M. Williams

“There is a Grain of Sand in Lambeth that Satan cannot find”, William Blake meets Thomas Paine. Dramatisation Of the Play. In Lambeth.
by Roger G. Lewis

Blake’s Jerusalem:

Blake’s Newton (1795) demonstrates his opposition to the “single-vision” of scientific materialism: Newton fixes his eye on a compass (recalling Proverbs 8:27, an important passage for Milton)[89] to write upon a scroll that seems to project from his own head.[90]

I turn my eyes to the Schools & Universities of Europe
And there behold the Loom of Locke whose Woof rages dire
Washd by the Water-wheels of Newton. black the cloth
In heavy wreathes folds over every Nation; cruel Works
Of many Wheels I view, wheel without wheel, with cogs tyrannic
Moving by compulsion each other: not as those in Eden: which
Wheel within Wheel in freedom revolve in harmony & peace. (15.14–20, E159)

Auguries of Innocence

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour
A Robin Red breast in a Cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage
A Dove house filld with Doves & Pigeons
Shudders Hell thr’ all its regions
A dog starvd at his Masters Gate
Predicts the ruin of the State
A Horse misusd upon the Road
Calls to Heaven for Human blood
Each outcry of the hunted Hare
A fibre from the Brain does tear
A Skylark wounded in the wing
A Cherubim does cease to sing
The Game Cock clipd & armd for fight
Does the Rising Sun affright
Every Wolfs & Lions howl
Raises from Hell a Human Soul
The wild deer, wandring here & there
Keeps the Human Soul from Care
The Lamb misusd breeds Public Strife
And yet forgives the Butchers knife
The Bat that flits at close of Eve
Has left the Brain that wont Believe
The Owl that calls upon the Night
Speaks the Unbelievers fright
He who shall hurt the little Wren
Shall never be belovd by Men
He who the Ox to wrath has movd
Shall never be by Woman lovd
The wanton Boy that kills the Fly
Shall feel the Spiders enmity
He who torments the Chafers Sprite
Weaves a Bower in endless Night
The Catterpiller on the Leaf
Repeats to thee thy Mothers grief
Kill not the Moth nor Butterfly
For the Last Judgment draweth nigh
He who shall train the Horse to War
Shall never pass the Polar Bar
The Beggars Dog & Widows Cat
Feed them & thou wilt grow fat
The Gnat that sings his Summers Song
Poison gets from Slanders tongue
The poison of the Snake & Newt
Is the sweat of Envys Foot
The poison of the Honey Bee
Is the Artists Jealousy
The Princes Robes & Beggars Rags
Are Toadstools on the Misers Bags
A Truth thats told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent
It is right it should be so
Man was made for Joy & Woe
And when this we rightly know
Thro the World we safely go
Joy & Woe are woven fine
A Clothing for the soul divine
Under every grief & pine
Runs a joy with silken twine
The Babe is more than swadling Bands
Throughout all these Human Lands
Tools were made & Born were hands
Every Farmer Understands
Every Tear from Every Eye
Becomes a Babe in Eternity
This is caught by Females bright
And returnd to its own delight
The Bleat the Bark Bellow & Roar
Are Waves that Beat on Heavens Shore
The Babe that weeps the Rod beneath
Writes Revenge in realms of Death
The Beggars Rags fluttering in Air
Does to Rags the Heavens tear
The Soldier armd with Sword & Gun
Palsied strikes the Summers Sun
The poor Mans Farthing is worth more
Than all the Gold on Africs Shore
One Mite wrung from the Labrers hands
Shall buy & sell the Misers Lands
Or if protected from on high
Does that whole Nation sell & buy
He who mocks the Infants Faith
Shall be mockd in Age & Death
He who shall teach the Child to Doubt
The rotting Grave shall neer get out
He who respects the Infants faith
Triumphs over Hell & Death
The Childs Toys & the Old Mans Reasons
Are the Fruits of the Two seasons
The Questioner who sits so sly
Shall never know how to Reply
He who replies to words of Doubt
Doth put the Light of Knowledge out
The Strongest Poison ever known
Came from Caesars Laurel Crown
Nought can Deform the Human Race
Like to the Armours iron brace
When Gold & Gems adorn the Plow
To peaceful Arts shall Envy Bow
A Riddle or the Crickets Cry
Is to Doubt a fit Reply
The Emmets Inch & Eagles Mile
Make Lame Philosophy to smile
He who Doubts from what he sees
Will neer Believe do what you Please
If the Sun & Moon should Doubt
Theyd immediately Go out
To be in a Passion you Good may Do
But no Good if a Passion is in you
The Whore & Gambler by the State
Licencd build that Nations Fate
The Harlots cry from Street to Street
Shall weave Old Englands winding Sheet
The Winners Shout the Losers Curse
Dance before dead Englands Hearse
Every Night & every Morn
Some to Misery are Born
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight
Some are Born to sweet delight
Some are Born to Endless Night
We are led to Believe a Lie
When we see not Thro the Eye
Which was Born in a Night to perish in a Night
When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light
God Appears & God is Light
To those poor Souls who dwell in Night
But does a Human Form Display
To those who Dwell in Realms of day

Of miracles and monads

Diarmaid MacCulloch is delighted by an exuberant account of two great philosophers
The Courtier and the Heretic by Matthew Stewart
 Buy The Courtier and the Heretic at the Guardian bookshop

The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza and the Fate of God in the Modern World

by Matthew Stewart


William S. Burroughs

William S. Burroughs’ 7 Occult Techniques for Smashing Reality

William S. Burroughs was one of the 20th century’s pre-eminent magicians, and spent a lifetime experimenting with obscure techniques for altering consciousness. Here’s his seven favorite occult techniques for destabilizing control and smashing reality.

Burroughs Technique #6: Total Focus on Destabilizing Control

Burroughs brought all of his experiments together into one central task: destabilizing and destroying control.

Like the Gnostics, Burroughs saw the world as essentially a control mechanism or a trap. He saw his goal as utterly breaking and destroying that control system. By control, Burroughs meant the nature of reality itself, and along with his collaborator Gysin, he would accept nothing less than its complete destabilization and destruction. In this, he is one of the clear grandfathers of chaos magick.

The video above is a track from DJ Spooky’s album Rhythm Science, featuring the sublime Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud. It samples the William S. Burroughs describing his five steps for smashing control and consolidating revolutionary gains. They are:

  1. Proclaim a new era and set up a new calendar.
  2. Replace alien language.
  3. Destroy or neutralize alien gods.
  4. Destroy alien machinery of government control.
  5. Take wealth and land from individual aliens.


The collective punishment dealt out to the German people after WW 1 by the treaty of Versailles and the cororally of that strategy being naturally the second Act of WW1 being WW2 are events not taught as a piece but using the lenses given us by Professor Efimov


lets take a closer look.

world view CP


disorganizing the whole economy


What our trade and foreign policy should be (free trade, obviously) is out of the scope of this post: let us focus, instead, on our internal political settlement.

Although I do not necessarily agree with all of the details of the Harrogate Agenda, your humble Devil does agree with many of the principles outlined in it—and including Pete North’s assertions that we need to radically decentralise our political structures.

But, in the spirit of Chesterton’s Fence, let us look at:

  • how our governance is currently conducted;
  • where we want to get to, and;
  • why we might have got to where we are.


Most cursory students of government will understand our current structures rather similar to this diagram:

In we take account of structures outside of the UK, the world works rather more like this:

In this model: ……






Globalization, considered by many to be the inevitable wave of the future, is frequently confused with internationalization, but is in fact something totally different. Internationalization refers to the increasing importance of international trade, international relations, treaties, alliances, etc. Inter-national, of course, means between or among nations.


It’s truly a disgrace John. This lecture by a Russian Spook from 2003 is rather good.
The Neo-Liberal Looting of the Russian Federation after the Fall of the Wall with a Complicit Yeltsin showed clearly how The Post Free Market Capitalism world would use Weaponised financialisation and liberalisation to bring back feudalism. The Political Class are all at this stage by definition various species of Elitists. With nothing but scorn for the Ordinary Citizenry.

The attitude is as in this quote.
the Countess, who seems to have learned nothing from the recent unpleasantness in France, remarked of some starving tenants:

“Scotch people are of happier constitution and do not fatten like the larger breed of animals”




A Busy week Writing the first 5 Chapters of My New Novel, The Conquest of Dough. The Epilogue and Chapter 1 can be found in Pre Editor State on the Web Site I have made to store some of my references from Researching the Novel over the last 18 months.
I have over 300,000 words of notes which are is a series of EPUB format books which I have made to make skipping between the elements of the plot line less demanding on my computer’s processor.
I am in two minds about Putting something up on Un-Bound But for now, I am looking forward now to a good solid few weeks of Writing the next Chapters of the Story.
I am attempting to write in the Grey Space of The Thoughts which become clothed in words by each readers imagination. Oppenheim’s two Introductory Essays particularly the Second which is entitled “Can these bones live is very much” sympatico with what I had already found in HG Wells, Morley, Maimonides and now from Oppenheim, Ortega.



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