Inside Jobs Inoculating against the Financial heist virus. #Soros #ECB #CentralBankingCoupdeTat #PlanDemic #ZhilLaneByPass #Covid42 the answer to useless eaters, democracy and everything. TOTALITARIAN FEUDALISM. #COVIDPURPOSE THE OLIGARCHICAL VIRUS #PLATONOVIDVIRUS666 #ARISTOTOLILLIADOVIRUS33 #CRONYCAPITALISTVIRUS2020 A 9/11 EVENT.@WIKI_BALLOT @FINANCIALEYES #IABATO #SAM @JOEBLOB20

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“I’m special counsel, as well the  plans for the development of the  outlying regions of the Western spiral  arm of the galaxy require the building of a hyperspace Express group through  your star system and regrettably your  planet is one of those scheduled for  demolition”

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Sharply the menacing wind sweeps over
The bending poplars, newly bare,
And the dark ribbons of the chimneys
Veer downward; flicked by whips of air,

Torn posters flutter; coldly sound
The boom of trams and the rattle of hooves,
And the clerks who hurry to the station
Look, shuddering, over the eastern roves,

Thinking, each one, ‘Here comes the winter!
Please God I keep my job this year!’
And bleakly, as the cold strikes through
Their entrails like an icy spear,

They think of rent, rates, season tickets,
Insurance, coal, the skivvy’s wages,
Boots, school-bills, and the next instalment
Upon the two twin beds from Drage’s.

For if in careless summer days
In groves of Ashtaroth we whored,
Repentant now, when winds blow cold,
We kneel before our rightful lord;

The lord of all, the money-god,
Who rules us blood and hand and brain,
Who gives the roof that stops the wind,
And, giving, takes away again;

Who spies with jealous, watchful care,
Our thoughts, our dreams, our secret ways,
Who picks our words and cuts our clothes,
And maps the pattern of our days;

Who chills our anger, curbs our hope,
And buys our lives and pays with toys,
Who claims as tribute broken faith,
Accepted insults, muted joys;

Who binds with chains the poet’s wit,
The navvy’s strength, the soldier’s pride,
And lays the sleek, estranging shield
Between the lover and his bride.

First published as ‘St Andrew’s Day, 1935’, the poem also turns up in Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1936), and occupies Gordon Comstock’s thoughts throughout much of the novel. According to the Times Literary Supplement, Gordon’s only book, Mice, showed ‘exceptional promise’.

Ashtaroth is a prince of Hell in demonology.


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I was directed here by a comment posted in Sturdy Blog

15. Taxation comprises three fundamental economic parts:

l Creation of the medium of taxation and issue into the economy

l Distribution of the medium of taxation through the economy

l Collection of the medium of taxation

17. Modern taxation systems are still based around the creation, distribution and collection of tokens, but the tokens now take electronic rather than physical form. These tokens are bookkeeping entries in the banking system. The structure of the taxation system and the economy it controls is determined by the rules under which these electronic bookkeeping tokens are created, distributed and collected. Coins and notes are still issued in small quantity but are subsidiary to the banking system’s bookkeeping entries.

19. “Contemporary governments grant the exclusive power to issue the medium of taxation to a state-sanctioned banking cartel. The banking cartel comprises a central bank and private member banks. The central bank is responsible for price-fixing, information sharing, promoting member interests and preventing member defaults. Serving the public interest is not a primary goal of a central bank. The cartel holds the exclusive power to set the price of and issue the medium of taxation. Governments generally prohibit the issue of alternative media for exchange and mandate payments of taxes only in the cartel-issued medium.”


52. Development of the tax system has been constrained by political reality and driven by the demands of vested interests in finance and real estate. The fundamental principles of tax policy should explicitly incorporate the money system and the welfare system. The tax system is not fit for purpose and is beyond repair. It should be replaced by an efficient, neutral and distortion-free system based around clearly defined recurrent payments from owners of land, immovable property and natural resources based on contract law. Means-tested welfare should be replaced by a Citizens’ Dividend distributing the financial surpluses of government arising from such reforms.

53. The transition to a new, principled tax system should be on an “opt-in” basis where people can choose to permanently leave the old system when they can benefit from so doing. The effect of such a transition would be an rapid and dramatic revival in economic performance without battling political headwinds.

54. The principles outlined here fully meet all the objectives of the OECD tax report and the Mirrlees Review. They meet Smith’s canons of taxation and adhere to orthodox and common heterodox academic analysis. They are comprehensible and achievable.

January 2011

The Author was a Cambridge computer scientist who tragically killed himself a few years back. He also wrote convincingly on carbon-based credits in conjunction with his Georgist Land Value ideas.


Per is an ex director of the world Bank Jonathan, He and I correspond with each other , I also follow Werner, and , Freeberg and between the four of us the framework a system of free banking and honest money is set out.

I have been working on these things for about ten years now

as well as my Novel Conquest of Dough


and various Computer hackery to do with the distributed web 3.



The EU Green Deal – the Growth Strategy for the “4IR”#Vonderleyenstrangelove #WrongKindofGreen


Killing Joke – I Am The Virus (Lyric Video), This is an Orange, #CronyCapitalistVirus2020


Its All about the Money, Euro Counterfeiting, Counterfeit Democracy


‘I thought’, said Nye, ‘that you were a Yorkshireman

 but your Dad has been telling me all about Manchester. Where were you born, boy?’ With a Yorkshireman’s natural pride, I said, thinking of Sheffield’s steel, ‘Yorkshiremen are not born; they are forged.’ ‘Forged were you?’ said Nye in that musical Welsh lilt of his, ‘I always thought there was something counterfeit about you!’
About Harold WilsonSource
• Harold Wilson, “Memoirs 1916-1964: The making of a Prime Minister” (Weidenfeld and Nicolson and Michael Joseph, London 1986, p. 10)

• Source: Wikiquote: “Harold Wilson” (Quotes about Wilson)

Channel Brexit

Published on Feb 7, 2017

Dissent This
But Norman Lamont refused to sign it!
It was signed‎: ‎7 February 1992.
Became effective‎: ‎1 November 1993

“I hated the (Maastricht) Treaty.”
“When I looked at the Trade Statistics for Switzerland, I realised there was no unambigious advantage for us being in the EU (in 1994).”
“The EURO has inflicted massive suffering & very low growth on Southern Europe. The EURO is a historic mistake.”

Norman Lamont on All out Politics, Sky News, 7th February 2017.


“Next plung’d a feeble, but a desp’rate pack,
With each a sickly brother at his back:
Sons of a Day! just buoyant on the flood,
Then number’d with the puppies in the mud.
Ask ye their names? I could as soon disclose
The names of these blind puppies as of those.”(B 305–310)
Pope The Dunciad.

Break Free From Google with “Hypatias Eybrowser”

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