Sir Mark Sedwill the Spook Turd in the Punchbowl of rancid bullshit. The Slog calls out the NWO Nazi Eugenics Death Cult. Naming Names and exposing the Naked Imperium of Baal!#4PAMPHLETEERS @GRUBSTREETJORNO @WIKI_BALLOT @FINANCIALEYES @JOEBLOB20

#IABATO #CovidPurpose #DontGetBrinoed #UKSpring #OccupyLiberty #MAGA #MEGA #EnglishDemocrats

Tony Gosling ✈@TonyGosling

Martin Bormann’s 4th Reich is no longer unthinkable thanks to Kiev’s far right Welcome to the Eurovision 

See Tony Gosling ✈‘s other Tweets

@TonyGosling @RobinTilbrook… He also stood out as one of the most outspoken opponents of Catalan secessionism. #NaziRatRun #Argentina #MegeleImage

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