THE SUNDAY ESSAY: The Opposition may be useless and the media working for the State, but we still need a Resistance #IABATO #DAVIDMALONE @GRUBSTREETJORNO @SURVATION @WIKI_BALLOT @FINANCIALEYES @JOEBLOB20 @DAVIDGOLEMXIV #4PAMPHLETEERS

Head up Arse

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David Graeber@davidgraeber

future historians will see the post-2015 Guardian as a priceless resource. Day to day, it documents of how the UK’s middle-aged professional managerial classes, having allied themselves entirely with finance capital, collectively lost their shit as young people embraced socialism

Something of the Groundhog day in all of that John.


@Wiki_Ballot has continued to attract a steady stream of subscribers , if not users.

Down Load the APP

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Make your vote count with Wikiballot
When the votes are counted, make sure yours counts
Before you waste your vote, go to Wikiballot
Make your vote count. Make it to Wikiballot
Count the élites out with Wikiballot
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p2p end to end encryption ios hated by the Cyber Security corporate state.

You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.

At least we can rest easy knowing there’s a New Covid Alert Level, at 4 wanting to get to 3.

If thats not Bollocks , nothing is.

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson to launch Covid-19 alert system

Boris JohnsonImage copyrightPETER SUMMERS/GETTY IMAGES
Image captionBoris Johnson is expected to announce the alert system when he addresses the country on Sunday

A Covid-19 alert system is set to be launched by the government in England to track the virus, the prime minister is expected to announce on Sunday.

Mr Johnson is expected to say England is currently at stage four but moving towards stage three.

tenor (67)

New slogan ‘needs clarity’



I am not a great fan of blowing smoke up the arse of anyone, see my reservations on Steve KeenRichard Murphy and also myself. Ingroup Bias is the enemy of intellectual discovery.

SO in the spirit of advancing the discussion here goes nothing!



The Slog

marrstarmer2 The days of lone bloggers are numbered: they will soon be the next target of those who would silence all contrarian thought, and cannot equal the impact of the ‘old’ mainstream media. Radical realists need a medium of their own, but one connected to a physical Movement at local level. The Slog suggests an opening strategy.

Thursday’s investigative Slogpost on the deeply unpleasant National Socialist “Sir” Mark Sedwill came and went with barely a ripple.

Online and in terms of thread comments, it was by Slog standards an outstanding success: just under 20,000 hits, 71 5-star ratings and a bulging email postbag filled with supporters offering me other useful tips and tidbits that disgusted them as much as one could hope to expect. I must also add, by the way, that it was Slogger Brian who first pointed out to me Sedwill’s directorship at Halo. As ‘man who helps…

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